and so *this_blog* is a thing, again. yeaaaaaas

Well, hello hello hello.

Hi hi hi!!!

Oh man, i am happy to be starting this up again! ūüôā

So much has changed. We haven’t really keep this blog up since the days of when i was in Brooklyn and Alex was in Portland.

Since then, I have lived in:

Southern Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay beach briefly

San Francisco in Glen Park for a few years

Atlanta while co-habitating with a painter in

a neighborhood on the way to the airport

and now San Francisco again,

in the Lower Haight for the past almost two years,

but that may soon be changing. Because clearly location changes don’t bother me. That’s probably not true. But, they clearly do not kill me.

Because here I am. Blogging again. On the road again. Click-clacking away again.

Alex graduated from a rad public health program in Portland. I stayed focused in the NGO world and then came oh-so-very-very-close to opening what would have been a contender for the most wonderful modern art gallery in all of SF, until that totally fell apart, in no small part to: real estate prices, my own business skills, and wayward love interests. You know, the usual.

BUT NOW! I am working for the first real company that is not a non-profit that I have ever worked for in a non-completely-freelance way in my entire life. And it’s better than I ever could have expected. It’s a realllllllllly really super cool high tech convection vaporizer company called Firefly. I will write more about this later. For now, I can tell you, dear readers, when you are lucky enough to have friends who are kind-hearted geniuses, and they want to hire you, even if they don’t have an office yet, and even if you don’t want an office job yet, don’t say no.¬†ūüėČ

What else, what else, that I can be somewhat brief about…

It’s 5:55 a.m here. I was on the East Coast with my parents last weekend, and I am still on EST instead of PST and that was working okay but I think PMS and OMG might be sneaking in, so I don’t know how long I can maintain this wacko schedule. It’s awful for my social life, but great for catching up on emails.

With that said, I need to go look at FLIGHTPRICES to see if I am going to beautttttiful Portland for Thanksgiving, Alex. Weeee. ¬†I also need to grab a Philly ticket for mid-Dec. for what will be a super fun semi-socialite wedding of a former 76ers cheerleader college friend, yay, and also figure out if I can go back to my parent’s sometime in-between.

And then, New Years.

I for one have high hopes for 2016.

Maybe I should start the year off in Iceland.

I love you Alex.

I love you dear readers who we have unintentionally made suffer with the worst of the worst nonsense over the past few years, but, we are back and better than ever now, so give us a second chance!? or, 33rd. Or first. Or don’t. We love you all the same.


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Lost. And (not yet) Found.

I did not attend burning man this year. ¬†I only did attend in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (Suzy’s first year was my last) though it stays heavily part of my general sense of life. Though I miss going, it seems the … universe? ¬†circumstance? ¬†finances? ¬†whatever! prevent it, that or, you know – I just don’t go.

However, one think I love are the regular Jackrabbit Speaks emails that come and detail all the pre and post tidbits of the event. ¬†I love the post-event email that comes with a link to all the lost shit from the event including several random photos to help identify lost cameras. ¬† I get to spend a few moments looking at other burner’s weddings, parties, pets, and of course the few photos captured at the start of the event before you LOST YOUR CAMERA!

Check out the link by clicking on these random strangers who hopefully will find their camera.


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Food. We know nothing. Eat color.


Unexpected Honey Study Shows Woes of Nutrition Research

Nutrition research today sounds like cancer research decades ago, before researchers had the tools to understand the molecular and cellular triggers and switches that promote or curb cancerous growth.

Nutrition is ultimately a complex interaction with our evolutionary microbiome, which in turn drives much of our immune and stress response and body mass. Beyond this tantalizing glimpse we rarely go, because the big research dollars flow from pharmaceuticals, expensive medical treatments like cardiology, agribusiness and food processors, and not from fresh, minimally processed food.

So don’t hold your breath on big nutrition breakthroughs, but do make sure your grocery cart has more colorful food than colorful packaging.

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Portland. Fall, 2015


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I Am Here.

And this blog can be managed by an App now. ¬†There has been a creation of Apps since I used this frequently. ¬†Don’t be discouraged, as I am entirely inspired.

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yesterday is gone

Yesterday’s gone- though, we do get to keep the lessons:¬†

In the recesses of a linty pocket, or upon our heart

(held precious within a gilded locket): 

No more fingers in the sockets”;¬†You tell yourself. And I tell myself.¬†


And do we remember until our judgement lapses, or until we just crave some little fun?

Do we remember until we choose not to, or is there a sometimes time limit on what we learn in life?

Some days feel like strong lessons in the making.

Others make me laugh at myself and think ‘I really, REALLY must have learned this one before!’.

Off into this tonight, preparing for the next yesterday.

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coats and scissors

i was blessed with warm SF weather for awhile. it turned cold. i pretended i had moved here with a coat, but i really only had a variety of sweatshirt like things that were neither flattering or warm. warm being the more important factor. 

last night a coat was purchased. my life here is being solidified, i think. i now have a coat, and, a variety of teas. i have made my hotel room very burning man like. teas and miso soup being made with the hot water from the electric kettle i requested. who knew burning man would be such good preparation for fancy hotel living? oh, i also have pickles. the small ones. but of course. 

the teas will travel with me in my backpack to my next destination.

(am i a new age gypsy? mayyyyybe. i think my dad thinks so. and, i trust his opinion on a lot of things.) 

i have learned that spending a lot of money once a month at the health food store is indeed a very very good life investment. buy the quality things you want. pay whatever they may cost. let all the other crap fall by the wayside, bc you have the very best of what you want. LIFE MANTRA time. 

the maid came in to straighten the room yesterday. i was in the bath. i said ‘come in, but, i am in the bath.’ i did not want to scare her. she apologized so many times for interrupting me. can a bath really be interrupted? i was still in the warm water. i was not composing the next great symphony. i do not think she affected anything. she said sorry in second language english. i tried to thank her a million times in nervous first world english. she thinks im spoiled, she thinks im all the people she hates. i want to make her tea but i am naked. i questioned if i should have let her come in at all, but, once she left i realized she found the scissors i had lost. they had been in the bed. close call. worth the awkward exchange after all.¬†

someone saying sorry to you while making your bed really really made me realize some situations should be completely different sometimes. she deserves flowers. i deserve no extra words said to me, except perhaps ‘good day to you’. but, alas, we live in a world of societal conventions. i hope she gets her flowers.¬†

i am off to santa cruz to go to a party at a railroad stop. yes, california is that good to me. 

good day to you, my loves. 


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