updates. moves. road trips. new school terms. oh how it changes. (a blog from alexander, martini in hand)


in the nearly 6 years of our shared blog, we have surely induced and/or experienced the ebb and flow of our writing, inspiration, creativity or just plain laziness.  

this is my shout to release the current ebb and welcome a new FLOW.

it’s 2012.  its SPRING.  life is good, you are in atlanta and you should share that with us.  

i’m smiling in portland, the “cold/rain/dark” was not so blatant this winter but it is fading away nonetheless… the days are long, and i’m spending saturday in North bar with a happy hour martini.  i spend a good 4, 5 hours in school research and drinking not enough coffee.  the chickens are happy, the garden is days away from a seeding and the hipsters are crawling out from under their scarves and sporting those faded american apparel v-neck t’s even though it isn’t quite THAT hot out. 

as you know, sometimes some interesting travel and/or picture taking has to occur to motivate us to share ourselves on the blog.  but andwelove it is called and andwelove we do.  

the past few months have been spend finishing up my second term of graduate school and starting my third.  in between i was lucky to have a week-long, 2000 mile trip via seattle, LA, and a comedy-fueled car ride to chicago.  and all that is to come in the next post.  a few moments and a half of martini away.



i have completed the start of my third term and i am awe at the speed of this.  in just 10 weeks i will be HALF FUCKING DONE working towards a masters in public health.

i am starting to see all kinds of ricking jobs that would be fun and perfect for me after year 2…. chicago was a big city of inspiration and there are jobs there and here and in oakland with great agencies like cascade aids project in portland, the public health institute in oakland, chicago’s center in halstead (hiv education)… I cant wait to actually DO this work!  

classes this term: community organizing… taught by a women whose style is new to me: POPULAR education

(Popular education is a concept grounded in notions of class, political struggle, and social transformation. The term is a translation from the Spanish educación popular or the Portuguese educação popular and rather than the English usage as when describing a ‘popular television program,’ popular here means ‘of the people.’ More specifically ‘popular’ refers to the ‘popular classes,’ which include peasants, the unemployed, the working class and sometimes the lower-middle class. The designation of ‘popular’ is meant most of all to exclude the upper and upper middle-class.)

by the people, for the people -esque setting.  

also, public health nutrition. oh boy, looks like i have to read omnivores dilemma AGAIN  😦

and also, bring back the ghosts of undergraduate past: MASS COMM and HEALTH.   its all that jargon we did at temple, but applied to something better than coca-cola, etc.


all that said, I AM BACK and i will say that and mean it and get on here more often

(i can not deny that my increased use of the facebook has relieved some of the need to share/create/bore you all, but maybe we can attempt once again to mesh the two together – andwelove is a reminder of something more permanent and less fleeting.  people don’t need to like us or not, we just know that we’ve journaled some of our life on here and it is here for good. kinda.)


the “i’m not an indie rock star but i travel like one” blog ahead.  martini count: 002.




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