blogging from a city i had no plans to end up in ;) (by suzy)

writing from a pink and gray striped antique couch in the living room, with a black and white cat and a black and white dog nearby. in georgia. GEORGIA! i am going to alabama tonight. yes, ALABAMA! how did this happen? oh, life i guess. and love. life and love. love and life. those two giant factors that are actually controlling everything at all times, in some measure.

atlanta is fine. its a nice city and a huge city and a sprawl and i dont really understand, but, there are a lot of trees, which make it all better. scott lives in a mildly bad neighborhood in a house from the 1920’s!. its adjacent to a large playground, and there are a quater acre of oak trees to the other side. i love it in lots of ways, and would love it more if he hadnt purchased it and lived here w an ex-wife;) so, with that said, its going to be sold, and then he and i can travel the entire world, with a brief time of me probably living here, soon, so i can stop flying in from the other side of the country and paying for an apartment i am very rarely living in.

i am SO so upset i am missing all the protesting action at OCCUPY OAKLAND.

general strike on the city, peaceful for hours and hours and turned violent at nightfall:/ i wanted to be a part of this, of history, i wanted to encourage protestors not to be violent for any reason, its what the cops want, its what the media wants, its what the right wingers want. we are better than that. we are the 99%. (i love that slogan- it rings so true in my ears.)

i went to oakland the morning after the very violent clash with police where scott olson was injured. i went there around 11 a.m., and it was me, my friend, maybe 7 protestors holding a large banner saying something about their first amendment rights, and maybe 20 policeman and probably 30 cameramen. i sadly had to leave for atlanta soon thereafter, and have been glued to the interwebs watching it all from afar. history in the making.

i think this is going to affect the presidential election, and i am thrilled. the internet is allowing information to spread so freely, and with all the charts and links and infographs, so many people now know how few people control the wealth of this country, and are acting on how unfair this is. HISTORY IN THE MAKING<3

in other news, i modeled after taking a red-eye here last weekend:

About suzyloves

i am flowers on the side of the road. 'yes' and 'joy' are important to me. i may not re-read what i write, and i never won a spelling bee, but i do hope you enjoy. the world is getting larger, and i fear our 'human-ness' is growing smaller. this is my attempt to connect. i do love you and i do miss you, so this is my hand reaching out so we can all be love <3
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