summer. passing. east coast, then back. -A


Seems almost expected that our summer travels and coast jumping would have us missing each other by just days here and there.  I remember many trips to the east and NYC would be with you away from your Brooklyn life.

I almost was going to meet Leah in NY.. or Dave A and still it all seemed uninteresting, after the years of visiting you there.  Even the brooklyn family kids were away.  So I saved my pennies and stuck around home.  I surely got in some fun galas and parties and friends and fam on my 3 week visit here.  Leah was down with me for my silly backyard Italian carnival.  We ate and drank lots of crappy delicious things!

I had a day on Sandy Hook, hanging on the beach and staring at the smoggy Brooklyn skyline.  I attempted to leave family to sun bathe and head north to the nudie beach, but after a mile or more walk, I realized it was not in walking distance and I was highly disappointed to miss out on the east coast’s largest nude beach.

Yesterday I spent the day with fun cousins, young and old, at Great Adventure in Jersey…

I did some FUCKED up coaster called KingdaKA…  its 450 feet int he air.  You go up, and go down and thats IT..  was an insane experience.   I’m trying to paste someone else’s video in…


Monday I’m in Philly with Jon…. then back to Portland a week before heading to Reno and San Fran…

We’ll stay in touch about dates, possible overlaps that could occur.

COME TO PORTLAND IN SEPTEMBER… I have the month off and free and relaxed before school.


Other things I smile at.








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