cliche and redundant chickens, lettuce, life. from A, finally.

Stopping by the blog to say hellooooo to the world/Suzy/and the 5 friends that maybe still get around to looking at us.

Things to mention are minimal.

I quit the job, but I didn’t – I was asked to work sometimes…  because I’m THAT good.  That, or I have just helped run the restaurant longer than any person there and know my shit.  And I like it and the people to many extents. That or just having somewhere to go, eh?   So I’ll make some cameos, I suppose.. and after all the July/Aug fun fun, I’ll probably be bored, broke, etc.  And who can have it so lucky that an employer says, “come back anytime for as much or as little hours you like”.  WOW.   Then late september, graduate school.

But basically.  After all these years here, you must notice the major correlation between UNEMPLOYMENT and BLOGGING RATE.    duh.

I’ve otherwise, been enjoying the wonderful, well deserved summer in Oregon.  Little rain, not too hot.  Breezy nights.  It’s just pure.  PURE.  and Love.

Hammok, tiki torches in the yard, gardening, chickens, the so many friends.   I find my best meditation spending the half hour+ it takes to well groom and water all the greenery.

This afternoon I’ll be leaving for Bend, OR to stay with some random friends and have a fun road trip and get drunk and floats rivers all day for the 4th.  SATURDAY, IN THE PARK, I THINK IT WAS THE 4TH OF JULY.

I’ll return with just a 24 hour turnaround before off to train it up to Vancouver, BC.

Which by the way, I so happily found the most interesting of Wiki sights… an entire listing of the worlds LAST CALL TIMES.

British Columbia: Last call for serving alcohol is generally 2:00 a.m. provincially, however municipalities can lower last call down to 12 a.m. or raise it up to 4 a.m. if they so choose. Downtown Vancouver’s last call was moved to 4:00 a.m. but was subsequently lowered to 3 a.m. On New Year’s Eve last call is extended to 4 a.m. province wide if food is available to patrons at the premise. Regulated liquor stores (both private and government-operated) can sell off-premise alcohol from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m, with government-operated liquor stores typically closing before 9 pm.[3]


Chine:  Many bars, KTVs and night clubs have no specific last call and will continue to sell alcohol and stay open provided there are paying customers present. However during sensitive times where national security is increased (i.e. the Olympics, the 60th Anniversary of the PRC) closing times may be in effect in some cities between 1 and 3 a.m. Alcohol is sold through retailers 24 hours a day.



I LOVE YOU SUZY.  You will probably see me next in San Francisco come late August.  I’ll be in NV a week and then free to do whatever.  Probably not Burning Man, unless, I don’t know.. I win the lotto.  That or decide to go there just a couple nights with nothing at all but the love from friends and burners.  It’s been done.


In any event, my headline is regarding my desire to show off MORE pictures of my grown up chickens and my blooming beautiful home and garden!  But I realise now, this 5 year old blog has seen many of my veggie garden and all the fucking great versions of my life thus far.  Is it a cliche then?  redundant lettuce photographs?  Well, I do happen on facebook now and perhaps there will be new visitors. And I thank you for that.


Theres other good stuff down here.  friends. naked bike ride preperations, etc.


dan’s chicken turned out to be a rooster.  so we found the mexican flapper a nice home in rural oregon.  he is happy and having lots of sex and fun!




my family is great and they have birds on them


this is myself, (you recognize the hat) and 4 lovely other men in their dick costumes.  no, not for the NO REASON.. we were of course prepping our looks for the world naked bike ride.


good thing the happy couple in the park got the outfits matching for the day.  oh yeah!

birds eye view of birds that can’t fly.  neither can melissa.



smokin hot farmboy with hipster tattoos.


awesome veggie land.


thats my BEET!


blissness.  and thanks suzy,dylan,leah for the hammy!


we draw smiles around the happy house.  happy!


so its the 3 ladies nowadays.  they are lovely and happy. henrietta is truly the lead, and popsicle i the middle never far behind.  they seem to like leaving the property now and hanging with the neighbors.  who don’t mind.  poor little shaniqua in back, well she’s a bit slower.  no eggs yet, but should be plentiful come late summer, fall.

lets not forget life is a party right?  so theres my margarita with infused lavender from the yard.    ok.  i didnt actually get around to infusing the drink with the lavender… i did put bouquets of lavender all over the house and so, the smell is there.  infuse that.

























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2 Responses to cliche and redundant chickens, lettuce, life. from A, finally.

  1. faithful reader says:

    other ppl do read this. actually i wish you 2 wrote more. this site is like my own personal crack that i can come and get whenever lol

  2. Shannon says:

    I love this entry! Smoking hot hipster farmboy.

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