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sober/ embracing sunshine in the mornings… (by suzy, currently in sf)

hi alex love! im at my home base in sf! and where are youuuu? ; ) seems we will be missing each other on the east coast by mere days. sad. typical. its ok. portland soon soon. a friend just … Continue reading

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wishing and dreaming about pdx, — suzy

i kind of want to come live with you. i need a family, and i wish to dream to need to get ‘married’, no matter how fake or ruleless that marriage is. i want a full on awesome good great … Continue reading

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cliche and redundant chickens, lettuce, life. from A, finally.

Stopping by the blog to say hellooooo to the world/Suzy/and the 5 friends that maybe still get around to looking at us. Things to mention are minimal. I quit the job, but I didn’t – I was asked to work … Continue reading

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