quit and start. end and begin. – AAA


the 1am post was grand, i read it twice.  you didn’t end on 13 but on 113… i guess that works perfectly from now on.

i once again faded.. sorry ! sorry !  it happens.  it was winter, i was lost in a relationship, work, the house.  excuses excuses!

i am back to write real soon.  to say things about everything.

i quit my job.  but its not over yet.  i’m headed for a week to canada with a best friend.  i’m headed back to the east for a lengthy stay.. a few weeks.  i haven’t done that in my 7 years out west.   maybe i’ll g to burning man after.  to nevada at least though.  probably sf.  maybe to la.  lots of time spent with myself in my house for once.  and then school in september.  i got it all planned out.  just gotta get through 14 more shifts at a job i’ve long been over.  you should see me smile through it though.  pretty much real.

presence presence.  check facebook.

i’m going to bed, but first….  http://youtu.be/0pobDrNHoi8

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