fasting, food!, internet addiction, things about SF, FOOD! FOOD!… (i’m ready for food!) – some tidbits from ALEXANDER



YES, YES!  SF is so close… this past week had been my (somewhat bi-annual, I like to think) cleanse/fast/detox/reset week..    This time is was about 90% master cleanse, with some added juices when the mood struck me.  (Room mates were more juice fasting, so the temptation was there.)  Plus, I mentioned to you I DID have some breaking moments.  A radish here, a small bite of dark chocolate there.  But all in all… today is my 7th and final day fasting.  I haven’t had a mean or much of anything in a full week and I feel great.  The hard times were filled with YOGA, HIKING, ACCUPUNCTURE, and just calming quiet moments with my friends/lovers/supporters.   By that, imagine 4 friends all sober and fasting and what that kind of conversation looks like… sitting around talking about our poop, our tummies, more poop, or just plain staring at each other.     We are SO done though… today is the end…  I’m working a long shift, then seeing BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL!… I’ll have my big fat final juice with me in the theater since the temptation for a $9 wine will be high!   Tonight, a final good nights rest, and tomorrow is Melissa’s bday and a celebratory first dinner at a hoppin’ Portland vegan/raw place!


So as you can imagine, a week of fasting means A LOT OF FOOD TALK AND THOUGHT.  I came across this yesterday….  a little NYTIMES travel article on SF’s crazy underground markets… no health code inspectors, total renegade year round food swaps… check it out.

Renegade San Francisco Underground Market

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times

Sharing a bowl of noodles during the monthly SF Underground Market, a Bay Area event.



SPEAKING OF SF… yes I will be there next week.  Great times.  I’m in on Wed and I’ll see you then.  I have plans to go to the Asian Art Mus on Thursday afternoon and then the show at Davies Hall..!!!

I’m rallying a big array of friends to gather… hopefully something on Friday night as a bar of sorts….. jeez, I wouldn’t even know what bar to choose these days???!!!


I like you setting your alarm 3 times a day to bring you back to mindfulness.   Sometimes though, I wonder when all the jargon became such an obsession for us type of folks.  Therapy, self help books, cleanses….  makes me just want to live in France with wine and cheese and sex!   Now that’s self-help!


You will appriciate this other times piece….  arguing against those who theorize the “internet addiction” problems..

“In general, if a pastime is not classy, those who love it are “addicted.” Opera and poetry buffs are “passionate.”

April 9, 2011, 4:51 PM

Miss G.: A Case of Internet Addiction


There are certain popular diversions — television, video games, the Internet — that we pursue so deliriously we end up hating ourselves for loving them. Others we brightly recast as the duties of citizenship: newspapers, public radio, sports.




cheers for now…



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