tattoos, moms, and chickens, and YES! (fast update from alexander)

hello saturday at 10pm.  was a great recent week.   its now the “weekend”, which is really the peak of my “work week”.   i am in pajams.

mom was here – which meant lots of fun.  trips to target.  sunday drives taken not on sunday.  families combining, boyfriends being introduced, CHICKENS being introduced.  (we learned we like them more when were drunk).  tattoo’s new to us both.  her first (a rose on her hip), and my first somewhat obvious word on the arm.

the chickens are really growing fast.  too fast.  i’m eager for them to have freedom outdoors as well as eager for all the flapping, chirping, shitting chaos, you know, to leave the living room.  (you can’t relax with a chicken near you, know this.)  not to mention, the little birdies are most eager of all to fucking “fly the coop” .

i’m in shock and great joy that i went ahead and got the PRESENCE tattoo right there on my arm.  so fast to look at.
i don’t promise myself it will change my whole world, but i think it will always act as a reminder of my goal in each moment.

tonight is my first night to myself in a while.  home.  laundry.  blog.  wash hair.  movie.  i’m about to recycle some left over potato leek soup.  SO GLAD IT’S THERE IN THE FRIDGE!.  sip a small-to-medium amount of wine and watch what i suspect to be not that uplifting of a movie but i don’t care.

seems lately, not being a 9-5er, i sure do love saturday nights spent alone in a quiet bedroom, knowing all the fun is being had but i can breathe and relax simultaneously.

fuck yeah!

mom and son

mom and the guys

always a beautiful splendid supper.

these chicks re HOT!

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One Response to tattoos, moms, and chickens, and YES! (fast update from alexander)

  1. Shannon says:

    You and mama Zander look fantastic!

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