Power.Of.Presence. / acceptance is HARD! / star tatts – By Alexander

YES YES YES SUZY… acceptance of what is.   I’ve been finding myself more often lately with the need to work on this.  Some moments are harder than others.  It’s a real challenge in that for some moments in the day I can really handle it all with a smile, with real presence.  The hard parts are those moments that seem to overwhelm and control.  My own mind controlling itself, by itself.. I don’t know…   I’ve dug my Eckhart Tolle books out and have been rereading and skipping around.  When I first started back in last week, I got the strongest desire for a tattoo… something from the book.. something visible to me in everyday life.  If my mind stays with it, I’ll probably write PRESENCE on my inner arm…  because I got the tattoo craving, well.. I ended up spontaneously popping in the studio right on my block and added some stars to my arm.  (There was one black arm star I got with Leah, Dylan M, and Jason once all together in Hollywood…  how funny.)   Now I added 7.  Very colorful.  No real meaning.  It is what it is. (Therein lied some meaning.)   I’ve been telling people who ask “why 8 stars?” that its 8 stars for my 8 fingers and people go “what, thats really why?”  Which it isn’t.  But you know, I had to pick a number.

Back to NOW… something in the Tolle book that really hit me in a new way was his thoughts on conscienceness as the goal in relationships and interactions.  People, things, love is not there to make us HAPPY.  Just conscience.  And once we are fully conscience, the happiness come from within.    So it’s there.. I know it and can almost often grab onto it… but not every time and I am at least aware.  Ah, step 1.

SXSW is so a portland media topic.. I guess the major music connections and sister city thing with Austin.  All the weekly papers have headlines about SXSW that are bigger than Japan.

I have kale and mushroom soup on the stove.

And am going to watch that Back Door/Banksy movie… which I got from netflix so long ago and have yet to watch.  The netflix dvd rentals are just so annoying because your mood to see something or some type of thing can change from when you select it to when it is sitting on your table for 2 weeks.. sometimes the mere image of the red and white envelope just sitting, starring at me and my over-ly busy life becomes my own enemy.  Almost like I won’t watch it out of sprite.  “Go Ahead Netflix Disc… fucking sit there on the table for as long as possible. See if I care that I paid a monthly rate of 9 bucks and have watched only .5 of a film this month.”

My mom comes to town tomorrow for a week.  So I have a little bit off work and plans to do a whole lot of eating drinking and being merry with my mama…

Then I have SF to look forward too.


nice fresh ones.

chickens hanging in the sun!

and do you remember me saying that there was a last minute wedding reception in my living room 2 weeks ago… well this is the epic picture of melissa and the 4 chickens.  they are all bridesmaids.  and yes, it was a real wedding!


1. The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.
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