old (journal entries) are the same still?! -A

suzy, i just texted you about the (hand written) journal entry i wrote after being in new zealand about you and me still maybe being doing what were doing at 30… and that was 5 years ago… and here we are.. 30-ish. HA

i want to transcribe a page…..   so here:


me,: to emmy on her daily pot use: “i don’t want to talk about our addictions, emmy, i’m in a good mood – not a bad mood”

chirstopher, are you psychic? you don’t even know that everything you said was close to right. i hope you don’t start having the same visions i have at 3am.

now i’m not sure of what i want.

fuck.  i need a place to live. i almost don’t.  bohemian.  laid back, chill in strange places. laugh.  drive.  drink.  dream.  it’s tuesday night in venice beach.  it’s pouring.  i’m so happy and awake.

right now in this bar it’s my first southern california experience.  at bennette’s irish pub on march 5th, 2006.

just sometimes.  just sometimes i’m so sure i know everything.  JUST SOMETIMES.


ok.  i would enter so much more form that page, but a friend called, and it IS st P’s day.. so i might just stop and let my friend come over with his 6 pack and hang around a bit…




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