being a winter chicken (pictures and stories from /alexander/)

Dearest Suzy,

Thanks for updating the site lately and sharing your life in San Fran / among other places.   Keep in mind I’m in town April 20 and on…  I guess I realize thats the easter holiday weekend… so see you on easter.. will you be there?  Gay Chorus show?  lots of bar time, I’m sure.   Also, can I spend that first night there with you and Sheen.???

We haven’t connected in a while now.. but alas that is often the case with no real side effects, eh?!

Life is so very good here in my simple little Portlandia life    ///  considering the circumstances of the wet, dark Portland winter and the fact it’s only been 4 fast months since my father’s death (an event the still sits in an odd forefront of my thoughts but doesn’t consume me).     Already flowers are peeking up.. the sun still shines past 6pm and the love after a wet winter is on the rise….  all KINDS OF LOVE!

My “work” life plugs along and there isn’t too much to that except it maintains for me the super perfect bunch of hours for me to practice acceptance and stillness.    And for fun notes-  next weekend, the cafe will open our Lovejoy Food Cart downtown in front of Portland’s famous Powell’s Book store and I’ll be there with a a wee french looking outfit on!!

As my house/commune is revving up for spring we have seedings going in attics and basement, the chicken coop all looking ready for its new residents next month and YES 4 baby chickens living in the house!!!!  They are so cute and barely 2 weeks old.  They love being socialized and hanging out with people (and even cats).  There is one for each of us, all different breeds all eating organic and soon to be our own organic food waste!  YEAHH!  PUT A BIRD ON IT!



Four new friends huddle up to stay warm.


Melissa snuggles the yellow one!

2 cutie pies.

YUP, napping together!

Pretty sure Butters thinks he has children.

More little guys…

Have you ever swam in the snow?

Next time you and anyone fun loving is here, we should surely head up to Oregon’s BAGBY HOT SPRINGS.

Its only about an hourish driving from home…  except when we went last week after the mountains saw much snow (as did we, for a day anyway, in town.)   The ride in the 4 wheel drive truck up into the mountain gave me anxiety enough to die a year or so earlier.  But the ride out was fine, I stayed cuddled up in the back seat with champagne and junk food and jason!

A mile and a half walk in the lonely snowy woods brings you to the oasis…

Beautiful, warm.  I love it.

And before I fad away from the site tonight… one must giggle at this baby in a bar…  in other words what us drunks look like when we’re in a bar of puppets.  FUNNY

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