didn’t you know about SF’s rainyness? (from alexander, dry(ish) in oregon – REALLY!)

always thinking of you suzy.  telling stories in life and i think of you, us, philly, temple, london, brooklyn.  i’m like “suzy from the blog”… i guess most people know of you through that.

can i borrow the funny monster hat soooooon?

do you still have the WEST AFRICA lonely planet??  (the possibility is somewhat back burner right now… as my big travels and adventures seem to be lower priority than work, paying bills… sadly.  not that life isn’t actually quite spectacular right now here in portland world.)

are you watching portlandia sillyness… or is it really only good for us locals?

and to make it more interesting, my lovely jason got himself published in the local alt paper (did you read it???) with his thoughts regarding the bitchy whiney tude some portlanders have about the show… WHHAAAAAAABOOOHOOOO

I, Anonymous

Let Us Speak of it No More

by Anonymous

Dear hipsters, elitist douchebags, and whiners: Please shut the fuck up about Portlandia. I am so sick of hearing about how “Oh mehhhhhh, Carrie Brownstein isn’t even from Portland, mehhhhhh…” The multitalented and gorgeous Brownstein has probably lived here longer than you anyway, and she’s from Olympia. It’s not like she’s from LA. You’re just jealous that you haven’t done anything worthy of any kind of recognition outside of your small group of asshole friends. Portlandia is meant to be funny. My ears are starting to fucking bleed from hearing people whine and bitch about how they are “perpetuating stereotypes.” Would a show about the small amount of fashionable, non-alternative people here even be funny? Um, no. It would be Friends set in the Pearl, which would be the stupidest thing ever. If you’re taking it seriously, you’re seriously not getting it. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then get the fuck out of Portland and take that stick up your ass with you.—Anonymous



ok, so it isn’t always raining here…  but it is often gray many days in a row… so i put color in the hair to make up for it.   above is a friend, ian, and i at the rock and roll prom.  yup.  i went to the prom.   hair by jason.

so you didn’t make it this weekend… i see.  it is ok.  soon? summer? whenever.

don’t forget.. april 21 is the SF gay mens chorus show at davis hall..  i will be there.  you should come, too.  if not for the show, then at least many parties and hanging out with you lynden david sheena friends…

melissa’s new hair… (she got her’s first).

cute new parts of the house..  attic parties, roof sittings.  mmmhmm.

more portlandia.

“whole foooods is coooorrrrporattte”

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One Response to didn’t you know about SF’s rainyness? (from alexander, dry(ish) in oregon – REALLY!)

  1. pduff says:

    fun fun in pdx! miss ya guys.

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