health, health, health, darling…. ! (actually read: i’m so portlandia hip i have pictures of homemade compost, sprouts, and kombucha / soon chickens! WHAAAA!) – from alexander

PORTLANDIA is a new show on IFC all about life in this silly little town I love living in so much….

It’s from Lorne Micheals  (SNL, Kid in Hall)..


“Portland is where young people go to retire!”

And the WHOLE show is pretty great watch ON HULU HERE.


Once again, stereotyping people, places, and things CAN BE FUNNY..  in the mean time, I’m pretty much watching a self-fulfilling prophesy unfold in my very Portland life.



Here is my lovely and freshly turned compost pile.


Here is my yard getting all fresh and ready to possible host some new members to the family commune… CHICKY CHICKENS to make us fresh eggs!!!  OH YES!    and top that off, you can see the newest FOOD CART VILLAGE that has set up in the lot behind my yard.    That’s right… and in that school bus a guy named Rapheal cooks up some great mexican seafood dishes…  and I can shout my order to him over the fence.   There is a solar powered vegan burger stand, then next to it a wild game truck… venison, elk….

Here is the week-old batch of coconut green-tea KOMBUCHA I got a brewing in the house…    supposed to be the best thing for you… and kills cancer!


And look how cute… wheat grass growing in a jar!



You should come join me!  I told Lynden if mom win’s the lottery (as planned, so WHEN SHE WINS)… I will buy a similar but bigger house to host all my friends and loved ones long, short stays… come be part of it…  !





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