trails, holiday food, family, great hair, and airports (always, always, always airports for us!) – by alexander

I will start with airports, because the bar “Chickie’s and Pete’s” in Philadelphia’s E terminal is where I sit this morning with laptop and bloody.  May I inform you that the name of the bar is in some way a reference to the fact that it’s a sports bar that specializes in fried chicken products.  Oh Philadelphia, so grossly and greatly predictable.   I’m over an hour early which is always comforting and already through security and I have one too many carry on bags but rarely have I been able to come east for xmas and not have to either check or mail a package back to Oregon – I did good this year, brought almost nothing so that the few gifts and things I would gather could go back with me ON my back.    So far no one has noticed.

With our nomadic ways, Suzy, it’s as if sometimes our blog should be called ANDWELOVE-AIRPORTS….


So my mom and family live in eastern PA, as you know, and the nearly 10 years I spent living there it seems I was a very nerdy, lazy, indoor type teen, for, I NEVER ever hiked on the Appalachian Trail that has a trailhead literally a 2 minute drive from my house.  Luckily, on xmas eve, some more athletic-minded cousins motivated a few of us out for just a nice winter walk (before the snow came) on the trail….  we had a great hour on the trail, even met a total hiker guy who very much knew his way around the area, pointing out landmarks in the distance and farms below – turns out, we were literally above a farm that my family has a long history with.

(this bar is filling up… GOOD MORNING!)


The AT trailhead off highway 191 in Bangor, PA….  “maine to georgia”.


The view at one point..   in the way distance is NJ.  The farm below belonged to grand-family.


Check out the moves!  Oh 12-year-olds!  I was saying it’s a cool artsy pic with the “AT SOUTH” sign on the tree, but that I would have to photoshop the “hollister” off the shirt (apparently, that is the latest of super popular name brands in midwestern americana – though, was it around when we were that age?).  Then someone said, “Just sell the picture to Hollister to use in their stores”.


MMM RAW SQUID!   Suzy, does your family celebrate the similar catholic-italian style xmas eve dinner that “requires” traditionally SEVEN fishes on the table?  (you know: bible, the no. 7, fish, etc).   Here, I loved the image of the raw squid before being just briefly boiled in an italian tomato and vegetable soup.   It’s kinda my favorite thing actually!


Scallops + BACON.  (I think piggy was the only land creature on the table!)


People eating fish.


Me and mom.


And here, I just wanted to show off my very bestest hair in a long time.   I *regret* (not really) cutting it all off last summer before burning man…. but it’s finally growing in.  Lazy me  allowed 3 months of mere POOF to just collect on my head until it was so brilliantly tidied up.   Then add in the non-RAINY weather of PA and the curls unfurled (did I just quote the decemberists?) and I’m feeling good and sexy about it.   Whatever, everything is sexy in black and white.  I cheat.



Well, then….  I’ve had a second bloody, showed you all the pictures I care to for now and have a nice 20 minutes left until boarding.  I got a copy (and subscription) to National Geographic as a gift, so I’m ganna wonder over to the gate and get my hipster smart read on.

One of these days S, we will collect all of our airport thoughts and stories and make some kind of silly book they sell at urban outfitters.   We have both been so privledged to have both families, lives, jobs, vacations, and random reasons that add up to countless countless times in airports.  Early, rushed, delayed, drunk, cancelled…  it’s all so thrilling.    May I add, my flight from PDX to PHL was at 6am, so I had a cab at 4:30 or so am…. since a room mate brought the bar flies home with him at 2:30… I just kind of got up, drank beers with them and danced around until my cab came….  lucky for me, I totally passed out the second I boarded and slept most the day.  I guess thats the way to do it.   However the folks in security and around me on the plane may not have appreciated my odor.  🙂



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2 Responses to trails, holiday food, family, great hair, and airports (always, always, always airports for us!) – by alexander

  1. terri planty says:

    oh zander. you are so so handsome. we miss you.

  2. Tess says:

    1.) Love the hair. It’s everything you described in your text and more. Dickie-fabulous! 2.) I am currently in an airport, myself, coming home from a Palm Springs weekend at the Ace Hotel, sipping a green tea (I lost my voice almost completely) and searching for one hot guy to look at but, alas, none in sight. 3.) I just got my subscription to National Geo Traveler. I think that beats regular Geo in the hipster factor. Perhaps not as intellectual, however… 4.) Love and miss you. Come to Sac for a visit! We can shop for records, eat sweet potato vegan sandwiches and explore the Railroad Museum (an ode to the original transient mecca before airports came to be.)

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