alexander is a holloweenie.

its all hallows eve eve… but its saturday, so its the night to celebrate the holiday.

walking and busing home from work through the streets of portland this evening, it was nearly impossible to tell who was dressed in costume and who was just fucking weird.  this is portland, afterall.

i’m celebrating with my last food before a juice fast.  a nice yummy salad of any and all produce still in the house.   tonight i will drink teas that make me go number 2 .

and all week i will cleanse the tubes and souls and nerves and organs and spirits and eyes and holes and parts and hairs of my body for a few days…. i’ve been sober and raw, technically since i left you and lynden after our lovely mysterious lunch at nan king.  (well i had my last vodka cranberry on the flight home, but mostly slept and forgot to drink it.)… and alas, its already sunday tomorrow!  go me!

i’m watching a cute hbo comedy called BORED TO DEATH to kill time.   finally finished a book ive had in my bag for what feels like way too long.  and more acupuncture to come on monday.

meanwhile you are at god-knows-what-amazing party in san francisco.

lynden and the cute boys are doing their cabaret.

portland is being all weird, as usual.

lucky for me, theres usually a reason to wear funny things and get loaded many other nights of the year.

good night.


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