CHOY TO THE WORLD and other San Francisco Christmas Carols (Alexander tells of his weekend with Suzy)

That was one of my most favorite visits to town on so many levels!  I can’t say it enough….  we can’t forget things, so I wan’t to tell everyone the most boring of silly details!

We were both late to meet at the airport.  Yet, we both arrived at the same time.

We watched the Phillies / Giants game on a giant screen and were the only two in the room unsure who to root for because of our connections to each place, and also the only 2 who didn’t really care.   We’d rather eat Thai.

The whole city of San Francisco was honking their horns and shouting when the Giants won!

I went to a party of cute gay boys and friends and was in a conversation in which someone suggested I date an acquaintance of his that he said I would like.  The acquaintance in question was in fact my ex boyfriend.   Go me!

Sunday was rainy and lovely and I sat in your soon-to-be-apartment playing boggle and drinking champagne and it was amazing.  YOU were missed, but I’m glad later in the weekend I got to hear more about life and your night out, etc.

Lucky for me Sheena was lovely and paid for my ticket to see the retarded “facebook” movie and I can’t lie and tell you I didn’t nod off for a bit of the beginning half.  Was it the champagne or the movie?  Me not know.

Sunday ended with a lovely dinner and drag show.  (Two different events, here.)

Monday became the greatest day ever once I met you and Lynden and the 3 of us bloggers toured the city, ate sushi, got lost and drank vodkas in very low lit tenderloin gay bars.  Also there were stickers!  “WHERE IS THIS PLACE?”

I’m so glad you joined me at Lynden’s chorus rehearsal.  Leave it to the famous San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus to turn patriotic songs and christmas carols and turn them into jokes about butt sex.  YES!  I loved it… we did a good job of not laughing too much and the singing was still brilliant and bone-chilling.    Atheists singing beautifully about Christ!

Let’s never ever forget how the lyrics in Sleigh Ride “THERE’S A HAPPY FEELING NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN BUY” really was about butt-sex!  That will live on and for that you should GO TO the Christmas show!  This time bring booze!


We were scooped up and taken with the gay chorus (well the alcoholic ones) to take over a Castro bar and you used your being the only girl to great advantage and fun.  Or was it the monster hat that everyone liked?   That and my three fingered hand!   Lynden, can you recall the guys name we met outside who was actually scared of it?  Hot guy, though.

It’s too bad the night ended when a strange room mate of our friend didn’t like us in his house at 3 am and you had to leave me there all by myself.   It was awful.   😉

Today, Bloody Mary’s at the true beatnik bar is a classic San Francisco morning after sitting around Lynden’s talking about all our personal shenanigans.  Talk about sex and body parts and dirty bathrooms!   Un bloggable kinda shit!

“Paternal twins? What twins?  Is identical the closer one?   TWIN SEX?”

And lunch, FINALLY (for me), at the amazing House of Nan King.  Lynden, thanks for suggesting we don’t even use the menu!     “Do you have anything with bok choy and sweet potatos?”  / “We can do that.” /  “And something with a fish.”

Twas Amazing

Very fateful trip home.  Arrived at the airport at 3:47 for a 3:50 flight.  I calmly approached the counter and said can you just give me a ticket for the next flight.  Check.   I calmly mosey through security and to the gate assuming I’d be spending the next 2 hours at the bar with a book.  Fine.   Passing the gate I see a plane is still there and the door JUST shutting.  It was 4:10 and the flight had been delayed to no one’s official knowledge.  “We would never leave without you” that nice gay flight attendant said to me.  The passengers gave me dirty looks like it was really because of me.

I’m ALREADY feeling the “party’s over”-blues!  Which is typical for me.  I’m curled up in bed after a nice shower, tea, some hot food.   Very first acupuncture tomorrow!   Then maybe a raw food and toxin free diet for a while!  That San Francisco can be unhealthy underneath all that fun and love!

I’m posting pictures below for fun.   And after the SF pics are some pictures of burning man I always wanted to share. Either cause they are of us or just cool shots.

I guess today I forgot I had the camera the whole time… we’d just spent the last 24 hours together and we had too many bags to keep track of what was going on!

BEST OF BURNING MAN 2010………….. /with thanks to sheena, you, dave, others/

I’m in the hat.

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One Response to CHOY TO THE WORLD and other San Francisco Christmas Carols (Alexander tells of his weekend with Suzy)

  1. lynden says:

    his name was omar. i’ve already looked for him on facebook.

    yes, house of nankings was delicious, but i think i had and MSG fever after.

    miss you already.

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