Been so long… US… San Francisco… Sushi in an hour…. -a

SUZANNE…. we’ve both spaced away our letters here.  Is it not much is going on?  TOO much is going on?

I wanted to write though because I write briefly after a nap in Sheena’s bed…. so in a strange turn of events, I am writing to you from the apartment you will live in in just weeks and you JUST texted me from downtown, so I will wind this up, shower, and head to the city.

It’s been great floating around San Fran these few days.  Even a quite night with Thai food and baseball was great.

We’re GOING TO AFRICA!  More on that later.


So let’s east sushi.   I just booked my first accupuncture experience for Wed, I am also quiting all poisens tomorrow after returning from my travels, and then prob all food come Nov 1… so how long I can cleanse out what feels like a burning man/summer/year/lifetime of consuming all the fucking things put in front of me.  YUM!






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