FROM ONE SHIT-SHOW TO ANOTHER aka No longer home, but home.

by alexander

Well friends and followers, be glad to know that both Suzy and I, and all of our playa-mates have (for the most part) successfully survived over a week (yet, no measure of time there) out at Burning Man…. you hear so much about it from us, yet so little can really be described/discussed. In any event we are returned. Me, to Portland; Suzy, for now, to San Francisco.


Welcome back to, but what’s so different on:

What a wonderful read I had this morning over Lynden’s-goings-on’s about life in SF and the such. You will have to really pop on more often, Lynden, when the mood strikes you, and share the stories that must be shared. (I won’t change the password-just don’t be too drunk!) After over 5 years, this blog may be getting a little stale with just S and I…. not to mention, the original concept was to be letters back and forth via NY(suzy) and SF(alex)…. that is long long over, as I spent the majority of years in LA, and now in Portland, Suzy is in SF.. Oh, my how it all evolves.

Suzy, I wonder how your first moments back were…? I mean, the shit-show doesn’t end until you walk into the place you left, so to speak. For me and Ryan (aka little Reece), we couldn’t figure out what was different in our house. Something was way off. You know what it was? It was INDOORS, our was nothing. It was surreality. It was our house on a street with cars, just like burning man, but with a way crazier feel.

SHIT-SHOW was the word for me and my camp this year. The whole ordeal of burning man, after a while, feels like one big wonderful fucked up shit show. Am I right? Maybe I didn’t get it until my third year. Maybe this year inofinitself was a SS. We said it day and night, we said it with laughs, we said it with tears.

At one point, I remember asking whoever I was with how that would be defined on say, urban dictionary. iPhone-less we were, we couldn’t know until now.

(the best on urban dictionary):


A description of an event or situation which is characterized by a ridiculously inordinate amount of frenetic activity. Disorganization and chaos to an absurd degree. Often associated with extreme ineptitude/incompetence and or sudden and unexpected failure. Similar: fiasco, clusterfuck

LOVE IT… also I read something to the effect of “when the word “shenanigan’s” just doesn’t cut it”

So yes, there we have it loves!

Parts I want to mention loving so much would include first finding you – or did you find me? – meeting Daveo and going to center camp for chai tea and open mike. According to Ryan, I was a little tipsy and loud, having no respect for the singer – sorry if that was true.

Also would be the day you, Ryan, and I ventured out with no plans at all.. we found swings and misting dance partys, gay clubs, and above all, we ALL THREE GOT MARRIED and wondered into a Troll adoption agency camp, of all things. After the nearly hour long screening process, the nice agent granted us our own troll to adopt. Betsy Ross. She IS cute! And to celebrate, us 3, the troll, and our nice agent man shared many homemade, jalepeno infused tequila-tinis. And met nice people. And never napped on those red mattresses.

Patrick wore a dress for two and half days then one day I hear, “I’m finally going to take this dress off.”

Let’s not forget the folks we spoke to that had accidentally brought a wasps nest in their RV vents. (Folks, no life exists at Burning Man accept us humans and whatever bugs we accidentally carry out there.) And suzy, you said that these wasps will probably evolve into a giant-glow-stick-glitter-eating breed that will survive on the one week a year we are there and transform into giant glowing burning man wasps. “YOU WANTED WEIRD, YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED BURNERS!”

I also enjoyed all my “cooling” moments when you were home in your RV and I could sit and catch up on “what happened last night or today or sometime” with each other. Even in the RV you can notice that the thumping techno music goes from about 3PM all day into the night and then they finally quiets slowly around 9AM. I like that the “non-dance-party-techno” hours are from 9am to 3pm. Give or take. My first night away from the playa, I could hear the thumping in my head as I tried to sleep.

And of course, I’m glad I found your camp’s bunny car somewhere out there one night and we convened for a little while.

I MUST tell my favorite personal moment of having that cute drunk boy crawl out of my tent in the morning, wander my camp aimlessly, and begin to pee on a nearby tent. We stopped him, sorta. Then he continued to go fall over in the blazing heat. (NOT ME FOR ONCE!) Don’t worry, he was cared for after that.

What did I say about SHIT.SHOW!?

It was a wonderful week.

As Daveo maybe told you, we changed our minds and stayed for the Temple Burn sunday night… which was worth it. UNTIL. The 4 hour exit from BRC into the real world. Some guys walking around in the bumper-to-bumper traffic were saying “YOU THOUGHT IT WAS OVER BUT IT’S NOT”.

We ended up in a nearby town, all beat up and sleeping in the car until the sun came up. Then made the long ass trek to Portland all day Monday. Still, once we arrived and acclimated to the house-life, and after an overdue shower, I still biked to a real-world-store for many many many vegetable items. And coconut water.

I came home and began to just cram raw veggies down. Eventually made a lovely salad. Yesterday, same items but in the form of a giant miso soup. Tonight, I think a small version of each. I did yoga today, since, of course I never actually made it to a playa yoga. But, I DID do TWO things from the booklet this year.. TWO SCHEDULED THINGS, after 2 years of never keep to schedule. It’s a secret what they are, though!

Back to work tomorrow. I think I will be smiling!

(In my first real world grocery store experience, I saw a woman very angrily approach an employee and say: “Where do I find trail mix, not the one I get myself, but the REAL trail mix, already in a bag???”
My thought was: ughh, SO not burning man-esque, but still a SHIT SHOW!)

Welcome back to the shit show that is life after the shit show that is Burning Man.


heading into the night., good night.

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One Response to FROM ONE SHIT-SHOW TO ANOTHER aka No longer home, but home.

  1. suzyloves says:

    alex, its so funny you chose that planet earth pic to post. that was one of my major landmarks for getting back to my camp. planet earth was always playing very very loud, often very shitty, 80’s music,… so i would listen for ‘ 99 red balloons ‘ (i actually love that song), or, whatever else they would be blaring, and then know i was nearing my RV :))

    turn right-ish at the 80’s music! hahhaha

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