my last post as guest blogger

by lynden

wow, the week went fast! i never got to everything i wanted to write about (specifically street art and the neighborhood’s grand theatres), but i guess i wrote enough, probably too much. my posts are loooooong. sorry about it.

so alexander, you remember that website i found with those pictures of you at burning man last year sans clothing? i just checked it to see if there were any pics up from this year yet, and guess what? he has decided to stop the blog! i guess i’ll have to find another website to look at naked pictures of my friends in the desert. 🙂

of course, every year, there are plenty of snarky articles about what the city is like during burning man, when an entire demographic seems to be MIA (i’ll never forget last year when gmail AND facebook both went down during burning man). this year was no different. here’s one i came across.

Not for the first time, I find myself wondering what Burning Man is, exactly. An aggregation of shared experience and in-jokes? A San Francisco inhabited by mostly white people? A place where subcultures (the ravers, the bunnies, the queers, the hippies, the dancers, the BDSM crowd, the pirates) collide, and make out with each other? What people do now that Shriners are no longer cool? A place where overworked San Franciscans are forced by the weather to sit very still and drink beer? A way that people who mostly interact via the Internet can experience the novelty of living and sharing meals together? An experiment in behaving generously with people unlike — but not too unlike — yourself? Training wheels for the shantytowns of the future?

anyway, welcome back to civilization. i’m awaiting a phone call.


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