farmer’s market

by lynden

oh alexander and suzy, how i wonder what you are up to. last night was the big night, eh? what did you burn? what did you let go of? soon you’ll be heading back to civilization and you’ll have to deal with real life. i’ll be here to help and listen, of course.

me? i’m feasting on berries.

well, suzy, i remember you writing here once about a banana republic location in manhattan that opened early for those doing the walk of shame. only in new york. but i ask you . . . how many people live in a place where they can stop at a farmer’s market on their walk of shame? i love my life.

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One Response to farmer’s market

  1. Lindsay says:


    I am thinking of you and all those who want to cleanse, transform, & illuminate; those among us who want to stop bouncing but simply want to embrace the energy we share with one another. Perhaps that is all of us and those who stopped …got tired- Needed community, inspiration, a burn*. But we must acknowledge we are the monarchs of our own skin, nOw. To intently love and desire only what burns fervor in our hearts and transparency into the night… to leave the rest.

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