“au revoir, peewee” (and here’s lynden!) -A

well… this is bout it!

i have to stop in here a sec to say hello and goodbye. i am more than fucking thrilled that i get to leave life, portland, earth for the next week for burning man… however, its burning man and its like being on mars and so a week can translate to a year a lifetime, whatever.

my plans changed and patrick is coming! so 3 of us dudes are hittin up the road tomorrow morning. TOMORROW MORNING!!

we’re leaving portland on all non-freeway roads! passing through bend, oregon and most definitely touring the dechutes brewery (one of the NW most famous beers)… then driving down into central souther oregon and staying in klamath falls… a tiny little town, probably the biggest before hitting the middle of nowhere though. from what i hear, a lot of the burners coming from places like here, seattle, and canada make this a last stop and so the saturday night we are there, i expect to see lots of burners and rvs etc all hanging out for the night. either way, there is a dive bar i found called waldos and i expect to fine ME IN THERE.

sunday is the leisurely drive through northern california and into nv and into black rock. since there is no arriving at the gate before midnight, i will repeat last years activity of hanging in a small border town called eagleville, sipping a beer on the side of the road and waiting until about 10, 11 pm when the masses of travelers start their engines. and of course, the gate takes forever… so it’ll be another few hours to get into the place.

i love you suzy.. i will see you there! its great how many people you know inside the place already. i know so many, too!

but listen to THIS!!!! since we both are totally off the radar in the next day or two, i have asked our beloved reader and friend lynden to blog on here for us. he already gave me some fabulously brilliant ideas he has and i look forward to returning to earth, crawling (finally) into bed and reading up on lynden’s san francisco adventures.

for those who dont know lynden, he is my very dear friend that i met my very first night as a stranger in san francisco in the fall of 2004. thats 6 years ago… since then we’ve been nothing but close buddies, visiting each other in our respective cities ever since my departure from sf…. suzy has gotten to know him since her more recent visits and loves in san francisco. and the mutual friends are endless! although, many of our mutual friends will all be at burning man, eh?




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