how portland.

suzy, burning man burning man.. i know it.   hey, maybe lynden can have our password and be the guest blogger for the week we are both without electricity, internet, earth. ??

below you spelled goggles, GOOGLES… “i cant wait to buy googles”.  HA!

how portland is my day…. i have it off, i have to get some odds and ends from grocery stores for me, my cat, my bathroom, etc… so i just reserved a zipcar… but to save money and be better, i got the $7/hr hybrid one that is about a mile from my house, so im about to hop on my bike, ride to the car, lock the bike up and shop and drop bags off at home, then go retrieve my bike.     i’m actually living that life you only hear about in the new york times or on someone’s blog.  oh wait, this is someone’s blog.  anyway, i must run!

i know it is entirely cliche, but the burning man site does have a count down.. .though interestingly, it doesnt count to the start, it counts to the burn.  so i just checked it: 26 days til the man burns.  i guess that means about 20 days until arrival.

love love love love love you!

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