what a world in portland (A)

last night, after my day at the river i was chillin on the porch and a scruffy looking man in a pickup truck pulled up and was carrying something towards my house.

he said “i fixed the speakers that were in your garbage”…  i was so confused cause the story made no sense to me…  but low and behold my roommate had put some jenky SONY stereo speakers out on the curb with the garbage.   this man, MARK (THANK YOU MARK!) had found them, tested them out.. knew the problem’s fix and took them to a tech, PAID cash of his own to get new whatever-it-needed, and brought them back to us.  when i tried to see if it was a scam, was he looking for us to pay, etc?… he said, no it was his good deed.  he said it was a thank you for all the bottles and cans he has taken from our recycling to turn in for cash.

It was out of a dream, but also a brilliant reminder of the GOOD in this life.

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One Response to what a world in portland (A)

  1. Nori says:

    LOVE THIS! So rare, and SO APPRECIATED! xo

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