A-updates (mostly through photos). places, times and futures. gardening, gay pride, naked rides :) -alexander

hi suzy!   i can’t imagine how your time in san fran is going…  i hope you bump into all kinds of people that i love and know.

i went to florida!  orlando is strange weird mecca of americana.  but my family was fun and love and kids and swimming and beers and good food!

now i’ve only been back to work and trying to do the portland things i live here to do…..  today i got my garden all turned over and for the first time for me, i was able to mix the ground with beautiful compost soil that i dug up from my very wormy, slimy but lifey compost pile…. under all those recent greens and avocado skins and eggshells, the ground got prettier and prettier.  the bottom a dark, moist soil of worms and plant food and loveliness that cam from the past year of me and my roomates and friends throwing all out wasted food and plant products out the window (seriously).

the past weekend was both the WORLD’S NAKED BIKE RIDE and PORTLAND GAY PRIDE… i must say.. the world naked bike ride blew my mind… so much fun and love.  i only had 2 minor falls and both were because someone on the sidelines yelled out my name.   news has it that perhaps 13,000 people rode this year.  8 miles about….  stopping traffic throughout the city and crossing two of our main bridges.   last year was 5,000…. so even if its somewhere between that, it’s still an impressive number.   also, got me very much in the mood for burning man and the many-a-naked-events there!

here are some cute photos…. (not to my credit.)

meanwhile, PORTLAND GAY PRIDE (after i’ve seen philly,SEATTLE, SF…. ) is quite the cute little hometown version.  first off, there were more families, kids, and straight people there than gay.   second of all, there were more organizations like bank of america and local gardening groups than there were GUYS IN COCK RINGS and floats with a 100 dancing twinks in underwear.   but it did feel supportive and i still tried to capture some of its livelihood…  not to mention my own friends in the aftermath!  (photos, my credit.)

otherwise….  its all just work and chilling and keeping up with life.  i know i wish i was the free bird like last few summers… find you in SF in MD, wherever…  but alas, I’m actual in a position of somewhat necessity.  not to mention the bigger necessity of my income.  thats the real need.   and i’m sticking to it until i burst – and hey, one never knows when that could be… and i’ll be on a flight SOMEWHERE.  otherwise… burning man it is.

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One Response to A-updates (mostly through photos). places, times and futures. gardening, gay pride, naked rides :) -alexander

  1. bianca says:

    i love you photos. miss you. love the nudies. my boobies would have had such a great time flying in the wind! pointy and saying hello to the world. ok enough about my boobs.
    miss you.

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