I use RAID even though I hate it so much! Also, Florida, San Francisco, Burning Man, Job-talk….


Are posts are getting farther apart.  It happens.

There are teenie little ants attacking my kitchen… coming in the windows, door frames…. some little “traps” I bought do NOTHING – and they were $$$… so as much as me (and the cats) can’t even stand the poisones stick of RAID, I’m fucking SPRAYING IT ALL OVER THE PLACE….    i remember an old ad on tv that said: raid-kills bugs dead… and once a 7th grade science teacher was like… “kills them dead?…  how else would you kill something?”

SOSOSO,,,, I know I know you are headed to SF again… and what kills me is I spent so many years in such flexibility that I would fling myself to any city at any moment …    though, I feel blessed I had such a long time like that. And maybe one day again… right now, I WORK WORK WORK –

well, that’s not true – you see, as we speak I’m in the midst of a big chunk of time off work.  I had all last week off because IVY was here and we drank and slept and ate and slept and drank and rented a car and went to the Oregon coast ans the cheese factory (the one you wouldn’t go in last year!) and to little Oregon coast towns and there we drank and ate and slept and watched tv in cheap hotel rooms!        then I worked yesterday and today, and tomorrow early I take off for ORLANDO, FLORIDA!  where my family is having a bit of a reunion/party/day at disney/pools/condos/eating/drinking…    SO, that’s my summer vacation, of sorts, and then there is BURNING MAN.

meanwhile, all kinds of things are always shifting at my cafe… that being that its still under a year old and getting its kinks out.   being that i’ve been there since the open, it seems after trial and error with some big shot manager, the owners decided that wasn’t really needed… so another person and myself are somewhat of assistant managers or whatever title you want to give it.  which means i get a wee bit more $$ and also get to play a more serious role.  at the meeting i said something like “im almost 30 years old, i’m happy to boss a few people around”  !   the place is great though and the job is good, good so im happy to spend this portland summer slaving away (while eating so very well!), having drinks with my coworkers, and enjoying the light into the night.

then there is burning man.   we’re on our own, to effect.. melissa will be in the bay and head over from there.   i want to  camp with my same friends and you will join.   fly to portland late august.. the 29th?  and we’ll get a car and be flexible.  i kind of want to do that so that i can be in control.   i won’t know my time off work until down the road, also… i can’t decide yet if i want this year to be a full week for me…. last year was 10 days… maybe less this time…  we can go early, late, stay after the gates shut since our camp is important.   uhhh… decisions decisions!  we’ll make them all later.

we can advert a CL ad and take another with us to save $$…  3 people to a car might do it… since im really bringing so little this time.  OR, we can CL and see who wants in on like a van or something????    we’ll talk we will!

WELCOME to maryland.. what a change of like you will have now… city life to country life.  you might have days that you are anxious, and others you are TOO relaxed.  that’s great.

call lynden again when you are in SF… melissa will be there too with all our burning man loves and you can meet them… i don’t know if they go to the party or not.  i would.

i want to see pictures of your garden  (i have planted only tomatoes thus far…  maybe will get into some late summer, fall stuff… but sadly, ive been so busy and eat at work so much i think it’d be waste.  life gets busy!)

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