“my saturday”, rain, bubbles, & take a walk on the wild side (alexander writes a big one)

“she says hey babe, take a walk on the wild side” just started in on my radio (yes, real old fashioned radio station) that i have blasting in my house.   i just swept.  i might take the garbage out.

it’s my day off.  and tomorrow.  i work thursdays through mondays (weekend warrior) and so, that means, today is like a saturday to me, if i were a 9-5er lifer.   its nice having days off when most of the city is at work of sorts.  also, it is raining.  warm, but pouring off and on.  its beautiful.  also, when it rains on a day off in portland, its exciting.  it means, i DONT have to go to yoga, i DONT have to mow the lawn, i DONT have to leave the block!  its raining… i GET TO DRINK AND STAY IN!!

which brings me to bubbles…. i was feeling very bored and very despondent with my drink choices….  i went into the corner store pantry and thought… hey, how about champagne.  i just popped it.  just had my first sip.  ever drink champagne alone?  its very celebratory however you have it.

that tv show i used to work on in la got cancelled, i found out today.  i guess thats somewhat celebratory… i loved that time of my life, but have always been bitter the whole thing went on without me.  now it doesnt.  we’ve finally ALL been cancelled!  (sorry to anyone that i knew that that still reads this blog)


suzy made us an email address as well.  i’m not sure exactly why.. just cause i guess….



champagne is like wine and beer mixed… bubbly clear wine.  like wine that makes you burp!

the rain now is so heavy and strong, its more like im on a hollywood film set with serious rain machines in action.  when i worked at warner bros, the set of ER was there and they were always making fake rain for the outdoor scenes.

speaking of la/tv production jobs/etc…. i had a VERY random YET monumental conversation with a customer at my work the other day.  it actually slightly changed my life.  funny how something totally random can go and change your whole train of thought about your life:

so, there is some weird cable tv show called LEVERAGE that films here in portland.  (it isnt even set here, its set in boston, but OR gave them such a tax break to come here and shoot that they did.)  i once had an interview with them to work in the production office (like i did in la) about a year ago, but didnt get it…. but every so often im passing a part of town and since i know hollywood stuff so well (i guess you had this in NY as well), i can spot a “base camp” form a mile away… a pile of trailers and blocked off streets and production equipment.  i always think: oh, theres LEVERAGE shooting….  too bad im not a SET PA or personal asst or whatever working on that set…. it would have been a dream and a half to still be doing that LA work i did, but HERE in portland…

well so ANYWAY…  these women who come to my cafe every weekend are so nice… but funny they always pay with $2 bills… IM NOT KIDDING..  finally i kinda inquired what the deal was… and they said their production company gave them their per diem cash in $2’s so that the city of portland could “see” how the company spent money here in the city…  i said, oh do you work on the TNT show leverage?  they were the wardrobe designers… i said “well thats cool, i interviewed a time or 2 with them… i used to so all kinds of tv work in LA”…. they were from LA, of course…  i told them about warner bros and old christine, etc….  said, la was bust after a while an di love portland.   they kinda inferred that they could get me work on the show.   but she then said to me “but, really… look at how sweet this cafe is.. and you know what tv sets are like – 12 hour days, never knowing if you had a job when the one you have ends”….    it HIT ME SO STRANGELY..  it was like: why have i beeb yearning for that lifestyle.  working SO hard 12 hours a day at something you may or may not even enjoy as a product (meaning, the show prob sucks anyway)  not to mention that when the thing wraps 9 months later, you are back to being unemployed.

so anyway, it was just a slight eye opener about what and who i am now that la work is far behind me.   meanwhile, im pushing more and more for my job to create a more managerial position for me and i think it might happen.  i realize i DO love the restaurant industry…. weird hours, food, friends all around…  its such an oddly rewarding kind of way to make money… kind of cause its so basic, and has so been part of human culture for so long.  its so far from a cubicle job.  still customer service, but thats just a side note to the fast you and a bunch of other peers are all in the same boat of slinging food and coffee and wine while laughing it all off.   and maybe the pipe dream is real.. maybe if i learn the ins and outs of it all, i will one day just take out a loan and try my own food/drink business!   i’ve always thrived in it.

i’m SO glad its raining, and i can just sit here and blog and drink.  and i took out the garbage.   whats funny though, is this being portland… mostly everything recycles, right.. as well as the fact that i compost food waste in my yard – so therefore, there is barely any garbage…  TONS of glass (you know why that is)… most packaged food is all in cardboard, etc.   food waste goes in the compost bin.  the only garbage is like.

we have a new cat, GEORGE!  but he hasnt left from under his dads dresser yet.  i pet him once.  he is scared from his move, not to mention my beast man cat butters is pretty intimidating, even though all he wants to do is play and then pass out.

(its later)

(many more glasses of champagne)

sometimes i just love my cell phone.  and what i mean by that, is the list of people i know and love and can call.  i guess if i DID have fucking facebook, i would have the same sentiment.  but really, i dont want all that – im just glad that on my day off work, i can drink champagne, watch the rain and look through my phone at all the people i would like to talk to.  some i call and arent around.  some say, i have to call you later.   its just a nice, sweet feeling.

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