words about things experienced by me as of late (alexander!)


work and nightlife (all good!)  has had me tied up lately.  also some time sans internet-connection while the bills were switched to my name in the house, etc.  lifey.     let’s actually let it be ok that we may sometimes unexpectedly halt writing in frequency.  usually/seemingly, the still-writing blogger tends to pick up the slack.

today is one of those super sunny late portland afternoon, but not really warm enough to be outside.  but im forcing it.  im shoeless and front door-open’ed until that sun hits the horizon.  but i’d say its still 60degrees sitting here in my green grandma chair that is now acting as the couch.

im going to stop and go read your recent blog now.  wait for me:

oh YES! your small rant about the dramatic boy/man/person.  yes, im glad the longer rant was lost in action, as usually its better to get feelings on “paper” (keypad?) as purely a release – and then “crumple” (delete?) that thing you wrote….

it is all very reminiscent of the dearoldlove.com site.  which i sometimes still peruse.  i’m getting to an age of life where (this happens at work a lot, and would in a love life, had i had one), where i always have a built up verbal vomit in response to someone’s comments or actions.  i voice my concerns in silence to myself walking up the street.  i practice the speech a couple or more times.  and then shake it off and breathe it away cause there is too little time to waste on such thoughts. it’s like “YEAH, AND THAT’S WHAT I’D SAY TO HIM IF I CARED ENOUGH TO BOTHER WITH ALL THAT, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!, I”M SUCH A SAY WHAT I WANT BAD ASS!!!”    (also, think “power of now”, eckart tolle… fucking lame thoughts we waste waste).    AND if im successful in calming down, i start to practice my version of asking a cute boy out that comes to my work.

speaking of, hows actually not requiring an answer but saying “hey (cute boys name here), let me know if you’d ever be down with grabbing a beer together sometime”.  that way he can just say, “ill do that”… and i won’t get struck down, actually.   see,  i’m in an interesting position here, as server-emplyee guy hitting on a very regular, first name-basis, costumer.  (whose homosexuality was just recently proven to about a 99.9% sureness).   since a one time date couldn’t do too much harm, i’m hopeful!    BUT, would if there is, like, the start of a relationship (haha, listen to me!) that then halts into some kind of dramatic messy ending!    who dumps who?  can “cute regular boy” return to my work?  will i have ruined someone’s favorite cafe in portland.  in a more ideal world, the CUSTOMER should ask the EMPLOYEE out if he noticed was any connection, that way subjecting the livlihood of his own love of the cafe and not having it done for him by the employee seeking a potentially successful employee-customer relationship.  i dont know.        hahaha…. these thoughts, SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN THE OTHERS!!! YAY!

2 random things:

1. i just read about a N.C. town just banned thong-bikini’s from its beaches… thats OUTRAGEOUS!  however, i remember a strange experience: after a week alone in sitges, spain (a  beach town), wearing mostly nothing and often nothing on the open minded anything goes european beaches….and then having to go straight to a family gathering in S.C….. where i felt like my sarong or very short shorts would get me BEAT UP since every man there had on those ugly floral board shorts that go PAST-THE-KNEE… what the FUCK?  and that’s just the male perspective on male.  anywhooo.

2. i just spotted the coolest poster in the food co op i go to… i was thinking “i want that”… it was of root vegetables!  i came home, googled “root vegetable poster”… found a specialty site that sells food and floral themed posters and mugs, etc etc.     found it.  bought it for $15 bucks.  and now will soon own it… sorry to say, but that kind of thing makes me love america/google/capitalism/self indulgence/

“ROOTS”.    funny!   also, i think i am still pretty sure a beet is my new idea for a root veg tattoo… i think i want to get a food arm, like an artichoke bush!

OH, one more random thing:

3- SO, i was in a sort of department store/grocery store somewhat like target, but a local NW chain, FRED MEYERS, and i was sorta tooling around the home-decor section cause i wanted to find a candle or 2, and i see this plaque… a green, wooden (maybe plastic?) group of big print letters that say GO GREEN.   i squinted.   whaaa?   yes, it was for sale.  like something you’d put in a nice kitchen, or nook in the house.   a SIGN that says: GO GREEN.    it was painted green and also, i checked: fucking made in china (remember china and paint)(remember china and ANYTHING).    i was baffled.  how UNgreen is the existence of this useless, possible toxic, eventual land fail material shipped from around the world to to sell to portland-ers????    (let’s hope portlanders are too smart to fall for this kind of object.).   i mean, i could understand in, say, a classroom setting… but why not MAKE a GO GREEN sign from found materials, old banners, whatever.   a wooden, painted, chinese plaque to put on a bookshelf???

wish you were here (all of you).  i worked a long ass day today, but made good money.  im excited that tonight just a block away is the SECOND of 2 house parties a friend is throwing.  the house is forclosed and the bank bought it months ago but they had until may to move out (tomorrow?).  the house is basically empty, was already falling apart and still very trashed from party#1.   writing on the walls.  live bands.  open spaces.  leave your bottle anywhere-policy!  pee on the bushes!!

will be fun.

those are all my findings for now, mi amigos.

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