Alexander’s life in Airports. (stuff about idaho, life paths, airports, and me) (A)

yea, suzy… we both are so on the go and i love that about us.   i know they make fancy-phone applications that make it so you can always see where your friends are.  i think you are the only person that i would want to have a shared device that knows where we each are – and only because you and i share the love of being everywhere all the time.  and it would just be funny…

this morning i write to you from the Boise, ID airport.  a 3 hour layover – don’t ask why – i think just the way southwest works.  there was hardly anyone on the plane and there is only 2 flights a day from boise into reno.  (i’m going to spend the weekend with dad in virginia city.)    so i’m all settled in at a cheese-ball sports bar with a bloody mary and if i work up the appetite, i will treat myself to something fast-food-trashy.  (as a healthy eater, i have finally decided to eat that crap when i so want, the biggest reason being that i refuse to pay for something healthy in an airport – such as an $11 caesar salad.  or $6 for some sad looking fruit – i’m totally having a 4 dollar- mc-chicken-something-or-other).

irony is that i have a big bag of brussell sprouts in my bag.  cause i bought them at the co-op and they are just about to be turning.  i figured if i left them, they’d rot… but if i just take them with me, i can cook them tonight or tomorrow at my dads (who would never eat them).   point being, i just wonder how many people even travel with produce.  let alone order mcdonalds while simultaneously have a bushel of sprouts on their back!  maybe i can ask McD’s if i could just go back and deep-fry my brussels real fast!  HAHAHA

there is a silly one hour time difference that i am living in just for the moment and then i return to my own time in NV.   what i love is that i take off from Boise at 1:40PM and arrive in Reno at 1:45PM.     whhaaaa???!!!!

i’ve never been in the Boise airport… which is pretty crazy, since i fly west/east so so often.  as well as up and down the west coast.  i have been in so many american airports i know most of their call letters by heart…..  LAX, BUR, SFO, OAK, PHL, LVI,  JFK, NWR, DEN, LAS, SJC, SAC, PHX, DFW, SLC, RNO, PDX, etc etc etc……  (not to mention i live in Portland, the only city I ever heard of that often refers to itself by the airport code.  ie “pdx pop music fest”)

some facts about boise, idaho…

As of the 2008 Census Bureau estimates, Boise’s city population was 205,314[2] and Boise metropolitan area is estimated to have 599,753[3] inhabitants, by far the most populous metropolitan area in Idaho. It is also the 100th largest US city by population.

Boise is located at 43°36′49″N 116°14′16″W (43.613739, -116.237651),[5] in southwestern Idaho, approximately 41 miles (66 km) east of the Oregon border, and 110 miles (177 km) north of the Nevada border.

The racial makeup of the city was:

enough about boise, id.   i spent ONE night here last summer and it was totally uneventful… even the gay bar was totally dead!  so i’m so over it.   it’s funny there are a handful of cities that you don’t mind being in the airport, but don’t really want to go out into the world outside.  (boise, las vegas, dallas…..  to name a few i’ve thought that about)

what else should i tell you is going on in life?

well… i got accepted to the masters program at portland state u.   however, at this time i think i will defer for a year and be proud i was accepted but now that i do have an enjoyable-enough job i just can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea of GRAD school… $20K, serious studying, etc etc…..  just doesn’t seem like the right path for a career choice i know so little about actually.   i still love health and food and education, but i bet i could start to find that on my own now that i’m a real portland resident.    as someone said to me… the employed are more employable!   meaning: now that my freshest resume shows that i live and work and am employed in PDX means that other more higher paying jobs see me as valuable.   whatever.

in BETTER/OTHER “career-path-news”….   i received a totally random phone call last week (which usually causes an anxiety attack cause i hate random oregon-area-code calls, it always makes me think something must be wrong, and of course this all happened after a small incident with my car/the police/the city of portland.)

low and behold, it was a call from an HR person at LAIKA….  the portland-based animation studio that made Coraline…  Nightmare before Xmas… etc etc..   They are back in big business since Coraline was such a hit and they are about to crew up for a another  project here in town…    SO FUCKING EXCITED i was to walk in there and be all chippy and excited…. I totally rocked the first interview…  though it was only with HR so could be weeks/months until something more substantial comes about.

anyway, though, it was a great reminded of how much i like the world of media/art/entertainment/film… and it DOES exist here.  and i DO have a rockin’ resume from LA with names like Sony and Warner Bros on it… so I should keep trying a bit to be part of that world instead of giving up on it all.

also, the interview ordeal was so very easy that i realised that there is something so wonderful about aging… getting close to 28… it’s like i’ve been through so many interviews, so many of these situations…  my true thought now is “fuck it, just go in and talk and be cute”…. used to be so stressful… so isn’t anymore!

ok – i have to interrupt myself here right now and relay the conversation the 3 bored servers are having in this boise airport bar as they roll silverware.   2 guys and a girl are all talking about that actress that is really good that was in titanic and fried green tomatoes (duh, its kathy bates, but i’m not going to jump in) and then it shifted to how good friend green tomatoes is (which i just watched online about 2 weeks ago and sobbed.  such a chick flick!)  and they 2 guys are goofing around about how cool it was they put the dead guy in the BBQ….  “secrets in the sauce”, one quoted.

awwww, boise bartenders are COOL!

OHHHH!  And I totally want to rant/rave about the NYTIMES magazine cover from EASTER SUNDAY:

i just LOVE it…..  especially as a “raised-catholic”  (i prefer that term to saying i’m ex-something)…  just the mere audacity to talk about homosexual behavior in BUNNIES and throw it on the easter sunday cover!   then again, the nytimes knows that their audience is probably fairly secular.   still, i was both shocked and thrilled!

the article is quite good. mostly about a biologist that discovered a very high “female-same-sex” relationship population in a certain albatross bird.   they even have sex with men then leave them to raise the egg together as “lesbians”.   what’s most interesting though is that for many decades now, scientists weren’t really focusing on what the sex of an animal was… if they saw one animal mounting another, it was PRESUMED it was male-female… now, FINALLY, scientists are realising that that assumption was very wrong and it’s time to look closer at who IS fucking who… haha.  there is all this debate around using words like gay or lesbian… since those are such human concepts.  also, debate around darwin, who made it clear animals were in it for survival, which meant reproduction… so how/why then are there GAY animals?  well… there is some interesting stuff like a certain type of male fly who rapes other male flies only to tire them out and hope to have the better chance with the girl flies.  weird huh?   oh, and they know lots of gay dolphins, who penetrate the blow hole…. yet some scientists call it “bonding” cause later on down the road, all the males try as a group effort to get the girl dolphin preggers.    so, even as a proud gay, i can’t really promote this whole gay animal thing when there are so many details and it’s all very situational.   still though, its a great reminder of the gray gray gray gray gray gray gray that this world is on all levels!

well, everyone.  my 3rd bloody mary was just delivered!  i feel grand!  i have a whole hour and half until boarding, so i’m going to drink up… pay up… buy fast food and go sit and watch tv online like a true fucking american-in-idaho!

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