slowdown, minor celebrities, cool pics, & friends, etc. (alexander.)

i’ve been meaning for ages a few weeks to put some notes on here from the recent GOOD magazine, this one dedicated to the “SLOW DOWN” movement and its hopes for culture and society.    for example the company slowLab who is involved in things from working on architecture and building design that encourages longer walks, less elevators, etc.   also, they are encouraging the movement of using kitchen type products the way we used to, before electricity… bringing us back and one with working with our food, chopping, blending.

and please read this hilarious article about the how-to’s of staying in bed all day.  this is so me at times, having it down to an art.

otherwise, i must say how seriously lovely the project project photos are of you.    one of these days i’m going to want you to pick one of the best pieces of you and make me a nice framed 11×17 or such, that way i can add to my sordid wall of nudes.  odd a gay guy liking nudes of women as art.  meh.

guess who i befriended at my work!  well, not quite friends yet but at least he is a regular and we have much of a hello/goodbye eye contact relationship.  i’m a little stalkery because as i said to a co worker “to my people, he is a celebrity”  –  anyway, its beau breedlove, the gay intern that caused scandal when he came out and said he had “relations” with portland’s gay mayor.   the cause a big uprise last year and a failed recall of the mayor.  no one was at all mad that the incident was about sex or gay for that matter, portland was angry the guy they liked so much for mayor would lie.

and hey, look at this new iphone app called hipstamatic that mimics the style of cool old polaroids.  you should find a photographer to do a project similar with you:

silliness with new friends:

look what came in the mail AS i sat writing this on my porch this brisk spring day!  when did you send it, that seems kinda long, no?  i love the sheep shaped stamp.

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