timing and anniversaries (something alexander rarely bothers with)

(that’s not all true.. i have most of my loved ones birthdays written down, and i even remember the dates of certain relationships starts and stops….  i guess it is that “time” and clocks and hours of the day and daylight savings and such seriousness around all that i avoid)

so ANYWAY….. today is MAR 1 – and a year ago today I took my cat and I from NV.  After dropping Lynden at the RENO Greyhound station (ohhgggg) I continued north to Bend, OR.   I remember snow storms and sedated kittens and drinking alone in a bar in Bend before watching tv and sleeping (and blogging, I should find that).

Tomorrow will celebrate a year since arriving in Portland.


(written one year ago:

Alexander is blogging from his hotel room in Bend, Oregon.  The rainy drive today was inspiring and beautiful…  I have lots more pictures.

Tomorrow, just a few short hours to Portland.  The cat is sniffing the room and I’m headed to the city centre for a real Oregon beer and meal..!

Makes me miss you, Suzy, and our venture up to Nevada)

Funny, I called it the “city centre” … who do I think I am?

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