S! (A!)

hi hi hi suzy.  can’t believe how all over the place we make ourselves.  pennsylvania is full of snow.  i didn’t mind it, i shoveled even for a day which was a first in years.  i saw jon and jill for a night in phildelphia and we had great indian food in bala cynwood and then drank our faces off at dawson’s pub the one you brought the milkman to last fall.   yay yay yay!   we all fell in love with an underage boy who was there for open mic.

family is hella fun filled with 5 year olds and 98 year olds and everything in between.  leah came down and we spent all day yesterday in a house filled with my family and we ate and drank from 2pm through 2am and had such a laugh.  we never even left the house.  we ate our brains out!  she headed today for lunch with her girls.

i just had a lovely sunday with fam, the nursing home, etc etc…. a big pile of spagehti and sauce and my i’m beat from the weekend.  i didn’t think this would feel much like vacation but perhaps i was wrong!

another couple days here then back to the alternate life on the other coast.

when are you back to ny.  we have to talk about small towns in upstate ny or something that are fill of hippies and farmers markets that  maybe i can retire to in a few years!


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