wrong fair – A

guess what?  about that country fair i thought i was going to…. it was more COUNTY fair… as in STATE FAIR, as in carnies and overalls and cowboys and hicks.   oops.

i was a cute hippie boy anyway.  plus they played normal music, no HEE-HAW.

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2 Responses to wrong fair – A

  1. john austin says:

    i’m a retired writer (so lazy now that i don’t bother with upper case.) i really enjoy reading your blog of your life, which is so peripatetic, so personal, so wonderfully cockeyed (your writing, not your life) that it reminds me of the best of james boswell’s 18th-century commentaries on life in london and samuel johnson. when i’m not fussing around with short stories, plays and memoirs from my days as a reporter and editor for Time, i like to draw nudes. i do it strictly as an amateur, never sold anything, but have given a number of pieces away to family and friends who weren’t quick enough on their feet to think of a polite way to decline. i came across you on modelmayhem and see you will be in SF in late april. i live just outside sf. i pay $30/hr and have references. might you be interested in posing for me? much chatter about writing and country life, of course. regards, john

  2. suzyloves says:

    hi john! sorry i missed you! i will be back in SF in june… i will email you soon about it:))

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