suzy posts from new zealand, alexander doesn’t from oregon. (sorry, a)

why is that?  i don’t know… there is an ebb and flow to computer use, to blog use… to pure interesting things in my life.  a good job, house, simple feeling.  keeps the interesting things from happening.  not boring, simple.

so i wanted to say hi.  im just home from work, need to wash the smell of grease and bread and lattes of me.  then getting dressed up real hippie to go to a country fair-themes house party.  does this make sense to you.   there is a country fair lifestyle so apparent in portland/oregon/pacific northwest that i belive that this party is actually a mock of that lifestyle.  like a white trash party, but a country fair party – the mock and celebrate the cowboy, hippie, dippy, outdoorsy fair.  i might bring a camera?

ok speaking of, must must run.


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