– A

rainy night.
cold, but not as cold as where you are, or where the east coast is, that is
(where are you?)
i have my computer back.  wasn’t cheap.  always well worth it for macbooks though.
all new music on my player! (must take the bus tomorrow.)
day 5 of the fast.  still alive!  not hungry, just wishing i could eat for the sake of tasting food.
i chug back more juice.
mother fucking juice, i hate love you.
but i want something that CRUNCHES.

i’m working all the rest of the week/end….  not as distracting as i’d like it to be.
i pretend like i’m allergic to food… like, how awful would that be?
people all over allergic to things: milk, dairy, peanuts, spices, or whatnot.  how sad.
i think: for just 10 days, i’m allergic.to.eating.
(could be way worse, right?)

wednesday is my day.. next wednesday… my last day, i have a massage scheduled.  i have the day off.
its a discount for members day at the co-op and so perfectly i will spend that afternoon picking out
the finest fruits and vegetables, all local and organic.  and i will retutn home to make a delicious broth to go to bed with (literally as well as,… well.)  fruit for breakfast!

(champagne to celebrate?)

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