flordia newspapers (Suzy)

its raining a LOT here. but, warmer than where i came from. so thats some sort of plus.

from a puzzle- game in the newspaper.
“Life is like a dog sled team. If you ain’t the lead dog; the scenery never changes.”

and yesterdays was “I went to the 30th reunion of my preschool. I didn’t want to go, because I’ve put on like 100 pounds.”

gotta love free USA Today’s at hotels.

we are staying in altamonte, FL. outside of orlando.
the town had a water fountain light show last night, where they lit the water up and it shot around to the tune of classical music. kind of cool. i saw something similar at a new mall in atlantic city a year or so ago.

going runnnnning in the funniest outfit.
i love traveling w ryan. ‘roomkeys?’ ‘not it!’

im never it!! : D

About suzyloves

i am flowers on the side of the road. 'yes' and 'joy' are important to me. i may not re-read what i write, and i never won a spelling bee, but i do hope you enjoy. the world is getting larger, and i fear our 'human-ness' is growing smaller. this is my attempt to connect. i do love you and i do miss you, so this is my hand reaching out so we can all be love <3
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