yes, hi. (A)

funny, suzy… you and me think and do so similarly, even so far apart.  i saw the same article about H&M, just this evening.   and i’m in fucking portland.  why is it that everyone in the world that is somewhat educated continues to “follow” things in NY CITY?   i guess it is such a micro (or macro) representation of “LIFE ON EARTH”, everything that happens can happen there, etc etc.   i would NEVER live there, right… so why read the local news?!  haha.  nah, its the ny times and i want to keep them in business.

i did lots of good things today on my day off.  i volunteered, i ran some errands, i finished (entirely) the 2 separate packages for grad school – one to the schools admissions office, the other to the actual program within the school of community health.  (i loved writing that on the envelope:  “school of community health”).  everything proofed and in and sealed and mailed!   so i took my sunday times and stopped at a little cafe before a yoga class.  i decided it would be a good idea to have one nice glass of white wine before yoga over the paper.  my other option would have been coffee… both toxic, but i figured a glass would relax me into the perfect yogi.  sure as hell worked, what a great calming class… i had my eyes closed almost the entire time.  and i definitely fell asleep during shavasana…  HEHE!

HEY, before i forget… i heard the smartest comment today… someone speaking about all of life’s new devices, how cheaply they are made, made in china, break so soon, etc etc.. nothing is like it was/made in america, etc…  he said something to the effect, how insane it is that we are now in a world where we , when buying a $1,000 washing machine (or whatever it may be) are asked: would you like to buy a 2nd year warranty?    WHY would we need a warranty on ANYTHING after TWO YEARS that cost A THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!?!?

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