hi world, suzy, new year. nothing looms. (A)

hello, hello.  yes you were right in your email (that something is wrong when I don’t blog)…. haha, but no worries world, I am still alive and well.

new years was fun and somewhat eventful and very lesbian and rainy.   i just kept reminiscing of last year and us together and the NYday drive and that funny shushi restaurant and that funny hotel and my weird cat and we watched a lot of tv and fell asleep.  were we in mammouth?  no a small town nearbye i think.

yesterday and today were days off.  and for the first time (IN LONG LONG TIME) i had what technically are days of with nothing “looming”.  do you know what i mean?  before finding a job, well, always looming was: finding a job.   i decided to apply to school and take the grad test before getting the cafe job, so it was the test and application that was always looming on my nights and days off from the cafe.  now my application is basically done, i only have to put some paper work together and mail in.   the test is done, etc.   it is as if i can finally relax.  nothing looms.

yesterday i volunteered at the youth center, then had my hair cut and colored/highlighted blonde and burgundy.  i figured i got hired somewhere, and this is portland, i can finally be a little creative.  i really like it.

today i ran all kinds of errands, the kind that make you feel too adult: picking up toilet paper and cleaning supplies., etc… how fucking unexciting.  but a sick part of me likes grocery/supply shopping.

now i’m in a cafe with a few day old new york times sunday.  and coffee.  and an $8 container of olives from the olive bar at an overpriced store.  that is lunch.  and i picked up a piece of salmon for dinner.

coffee and olives is good, so mediterranean.

work week starts tomorrow!

you will like this:

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