2010!!! (A)


first let me say, i did that freakin’ test and came out much higher than expected.  at some point i maybe want to write a whole blog about the experience, the insanity, the stupidity.  but i also might just want to put the whole thing behind me, pretend it never happened.  even if i don’t do school this year for whatever reason, it’s good for 5 years and so i should think about all kinds of possible masters programs i might want to do!!  or NONE!   don’t know!!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, have a happy new years eve out tonight.  what city will you be in??  i’m rarely in the city i live in, so i’m excited to spend it in portland, with friends from seattle…  who knows what could unravel.

just think:  just today a year ago, you and ryan were with me in LA.  we packed my house and left one mattress on the floor to sleep on (if we came home, which we did somehow, how?)  my house was empty minus just that, the uhaul parked in the driveway with my life locked in it (where was the cat?)  we spent the day packing, cleaning and getting ready, which i learned takes you so a long time.  we both put on make up and i think i straightened my hair, as i have today.  we roamed LA a bit, and then went to that house party with the huge view of los angeles hills.  the party was ok and we ended up somewhere else drunkish and dramaish but all was well though.  oh, i think ryan drove us home.  we were close.  we all flopped in bed, and one year ago tomorrow, jan 1, 2009, we got in our trucks and cars and drove north towards reno.

remember, remember?  moving life on new years is so monumental.

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