dumb shit standardized tests! (A)

FRIENDS, IF YOU SEE THIS ON WED… SEND ME SOME VIBES…  I’m of in a few hours to give my whirl at the Graduate Record Exam…  BLAHHH!   It snowed all yesterday and last night and I was not only nervous about the test but about getting there (Portland has no plows.)  I guess the snow was somewhat of an anomaly (GRE WORD!).  From 1pm-4pm I’ll be staring at a computer screen answering things about geometry and things about things I don’t need to know but studied anyway to impress a university.

After that, I’ll be truly unwinding the best way I know how… and you know what that is.

Also, I have to get back on here to write soon, as I always love the New Years reflections, ESPECIALLY since this marks a year Suzy and I were together in LA, packing my things and moving them away.

buenos suerte to me

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