me, you and brad pitt. (a dream of Alex’s)


good for you on your last day of work approaching.  will you work from home?  will you only model?  will you leave NY?  will you come visit portland on a whim during the winter months just for fun and to escape the east?

i have to see if i can recollect a very strange dream that occurred last night.   i was with brad pitt.  (i know, whaaaa?  and i havent seen a movie or a news item with him recently that i’m aware of either??!!)    we were in new york city, or rather a dream version of that.  and he was driving and it’s maybe as if i was his friend/assistant or something.   and he was very sexy and affectionate, and i think some of my dream-thoughts were of me not wanting him to know how melty his kindness was making me.    i waiting outside a studio for him to do some kind of interview or work and i watched the car.  it was a convertible.  it seemed to go on for hours and i wanted to go inside the dream version of this new york studio and tried to sneak past security who stopped me and kept me out.  they didn’t believe that i was with brad.  when he returned, he wanted to make a few more stops and as we drove over a bridge or something, i spotted YOU, i said ‘PULL OVER’, which he did.  you were modeling and i’m compelled to say topless.  you spotted me and waved, but did not approach.  i was like, what the fuck… suzy sees me in NEW YORK CITY, in a CONVERTIBLE, with BRAD PITT and she merely waves as if she was too busy!!  haha.  we came out and talked to you and your statement was something like “alex, i’m not even surprised to see you just driving around with brad pitt, its so your life”…

i volunteered today and we made totally awesome tacos.

i work the next through all through the weekend and over christmas days at the bakery/bistro.

life is good.  miss you.

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One Response to me, you and brad pitt. (a dream of Alex’s)

  1. Personally I don’t think that Mr. Handsome has received enough accolades for his humanitarian efforts. In my opinion a lot of celebrity do-gooders are totally phony and engage in so called good deeds merely for positive publicity. I have to say that I don’t think that George is one of the phonies out there in the world of celbrity do-gooders. I admire what he is doing for the Haitian people. I wish more celebrities were as real as he is when it comes to helping out those less fortunate in the world. So kudos to George and his desire to make this world a better place.

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