all kinds of stuff and things on a sunday night – A

hi S!

i love that thing about gypsy language.  what else?  do they have words for sexual orientations or genders that blur everything?

it’s a very very cold here in oregon.  colder then i though it could get for some reason.  i stay so bundled up and wear long johns every day and wish it would snow but it hasn’t, not yet.

i was thinking today, as i changed from street/work clothes into all comfy sweats to hang at home, about all the layers i have on, socks on socks with thermals tucked in.  etc etc.  i was pondering the fact that i guess it’s kind of good i have no sort of love life, because it would mean having regular sex, which would mean all that time spent undressing and redressing, stripping layers and layers of cloth and material from my body… and then after, being cold and having to figure out getting it all on again.  it’s too cold for sex!   (OR, i’m so pathetic i forget how good it can be in the cold?!?!?  i don’t know.)

yes!  work is grand.  did you hear my voice mail i left a little wine buzzed last night?  (actually, i hadn’t had a sip of alcohol in about a week and so i went to have some wine and had it too fast and it really took effect.)  i know i mentioned the funniest part of the job is that it is called lovejoy bakers.  and so, when i write out my little planner for the month, it just says:  wednesday: love: 8am.    friday: love: 11-7….     haha, i have to go “to love” everyday.  what a world.  today i pulled 5:30am to 4:30 or so… which flew by.  the scheduling is still a little erratic, so a 12 hour day here or there isn’t so bad.  and starting so early, it’s kind of like two days happen somehow.  so long that in mid afternoon you are reminded of something that happened at 6:15 am and you have to say, “was that yesterday or this morning?”  also, we start the full lunch menu at 11am and today a customer asked when we serve lunch and i answered, “oh not until 11” and he responded, “it’s noon”.   so i explained that i started in the middle of the night, so i have no concept of the time, i only know dark and then light.

after work i spent a couple hours in the awful GRE book stody.  probability, and then FACTORIALS… do you have ANY clue what a factorial is.  we learned this for sure in high school at some point for like a week and maybe one test or exam later in the year but never thought about it again, and here i am fucking studying this shit.  fyi, a factorial of a number is that number multiplied by every consecutive number under it.  and it is written like this:

4!      … right, i know… cool,. huh?

well 4! = 4x3x2x1 = 24.   so 4!=24.

whats the point, though? you ask…   well it actually has to do with some probability stuff… like figuring out how many combinations or possibilities there are for, say, ordering 3 toppings on a pizza when there are 8 options.  well you multiple 8 x 7 x 6 and divide that total by the factorial of 3 (since that the amount in question) …  so 8 x 7 x 6 / 3! = will give you a number that tells you the possibilities of pizza’s with 3 toppings if there are 8 to choose from.


after catching up on ALL THAT this evening, after my ELEVEN hour work day and in the 30 degree winds, i stopped in the food c0-op that i’m coming to love (especially now i have a job, i can reason with myself much better to go to the co op and spend a little extra just to support the concept, and the organic local farming that is sold there.  i got yummy wintery veggies, like radishes and bok choy.  i also got a big pile of CHIA SEEDS – do you know about these?  chia seeds – yes like in the PET -, are actually a fabulous source of omegas and fiber and anti oxidants…  and unlike flax and sesame seeds, they are digestible whole and raw, so they dont need to be crushed or roasted to benefit you.  they are tiny little peppery looking seeds and i’m going to use them on everything from now on.  cheap too of course.   i also got some kind of local mushroom that i don’t know what to do with,  i think just lightly stir fry in oil and garlic…

well those are the things i wanted to cover.  i have curb your enthusiasm on dvd and i’ll probably crawl in bed and watch that.

OH- wanted to share this photo i snapped with my iphone some very early hour downtown walking to the cafe.  this might go on in other towns, but for me it just screamed portland – both because of the unemployement problem, homeless problem, but also the loveliness and friendliness that exists among our businesses and residents.  LOVE.

(although, now that i look at it, it seems like they added “4 an interview” after the fact.. perhaps they offered free cleaning to all those out of work for a moment, then it got out of hand.  ha)

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  1. cooku says:

    this whole entry is beautiful. love it.

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