me (A)

I have only moments to say hello. I can’t believe just getting a full time job entirely flips life upside down. Now I have to use my breaks to make calls to schedule, say, and eye exam. And I have to schedule it for the only free day I have this week. Somehow all this is stresses me out, but it is just the adjustment to this way of life – the way that nearly all Americans experience. But all in all, the café is great – I can stop buying groceries and worrying about eating for a while, that’s for sure. That’s a perk. I wil start riding my bike there soon, once I get all the proper rain gear. I get off around 4 and have to use the rest of my free time studying for the GRE test which is a month from today. Yesterday we SHOULD have been all working at the café, however, all of Portland downtown was in a fucked up situation, as half of the city was told that the the water supply tested positive for e coli. So boil your water. Well how do you run a café with that kind of ordeal? Being new and all, they closed to make it easy. Tomorrow I have off of the café, but got a day job doing background work (fancy way of saying “extra”) on the Gus Van Sant film shooting in Portland right now. Don’t know any details, but its Gus and he’s famous enough now from Good Will Hunting and MILK that I’m sure it’s big budget and exciting. It might make me feel weird to be back on a film set, but its fun and more than anything, I’ll be reminded how awful the life of an “extra” is. But hey, its money and a day on set in Portland.

I’m studying down the street from home tonight.  And the hipster barista chick is playing a greta live ben folds album from late 90s!



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