honest = interesting. love = joy. (in response and in addition – from alexander)

your last blog!  YES!  ha…  everyone who is honest is interesting.  never thought of such ideas.   honest=real=notfake/fairly secure=interesting, on the same page.      did you read this book you linked to on amazon?!

well, i must proudly admit to the world – i just completed my first day at a “real job”, in over a year.  (meaning getting paid for being somewhere most of your day.  cause i had some jobs say, at burning man, and say, modeling… however….).  

i say, “over a year”, cause i cant bring myself to admit the actual length of time that it has been that i didn’t have a day job – i guess some random things here and there have occurred, but mainly i guess my real last job-job was still in the tv biz.  not the julia louis dreyfus show, but after that were some strange pilot shows, showing me all the reason more that industry sucked my balls.   HOWEVER, in all that free time.  i managed to move to portland, set up life, get a nice house, nice friends, nice bars, spent many a days with family and friends out of town and on the road.  i got to spent 2 months of winter in virginia city with my dad.  i managed a few road trips.  san fran.  saw the world.  i enjoyed a handful of various out of town guests, including yourself, my mother, others, cooked, gardened…. even my cat has stuck it through – so, i do have much to show for myself – just not a pay stub (yet). 

so yes.  LOVEJOY BAKERS.    my new lovejoy… love it when they hire your on the spot.  joyful when the place is actually amazing, too.  

anyway.  check it out.  great space. modern, interesting, HONEST.  morning and lunch crowd – good coffees, breads. bakery.  smoked salmon!  all good things.   back to my barista days.  and i get to learn all about bread.  what’s funny is the also (and mostly new cause the place is new) employees all mentioned the phrase “like riding a bike” regarding using the fancy espresso machine – because, we all basically did it at some point.  then, went out in the world, day jobs, office jobs, cubicles, and somehow/someway are BACK – to pulling shots and steaming milk.  even the vocabulary came right back to me.  WHAT, CLEAN THIS WAND?  

so i’m happy. and you’re happy and tomorrow is some holiday i don’t usually think of more than grade school aged brown construction paper with some orange and red turkey type things.    this time last year, i was HERE in portland, getting drunk with family/friends.  every single year before that, with family/family.  and THIS YEAR – well, i started work at 5am today.. worked until 4pm.   and am back friday morning.  tomorrows my DAY OFF.  watch dvds and drink this case of fat tire i just bought with my tip money.

more to come.  love u all lots.

ps.  just saw something in national news – did you know oregon is leader of sustainable winery trend.  love it here.

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