soup, fall, portland (alexander)

.. i have been on a huge soup kick, suzy – i wish you were here with me to enjoy.  i make nice big batches that last me a few days of goodness.  and if i get sick of it a some days in, i toss the rest in the freezer.  last night i had the best curried lentil that i froze ages ago.  i’m only now learning the brilliance of freezing (the right things.)   i also had a few delicious days of cream of potato and celery.  and then an amazing smoked tomato with all the roma tomatoes from my garden.  they lacked flavor raw, so a yummy tomato soup was great.  i made homemade croutons by tearing up a whole wheat loaf and tossing it in oil and brown mustard and pepper.  and i think i mentioned the cheddar broccoli soup.  tonight, i am cooking up a split pea, a slow slow cook.  and yes, with bacon!  it such comforting warm loveliness for me these cool cool days in oregon.

i want to see pirate radio only because you said to.   i’ll have to read up on it.  

here are some simple shots of fall from me…

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2 Responses to soup, fall, portland (alexander)

  1. bianca says:

    that looks so beautiful. i miss you. i want to drink wine out of a mug with you in cozy cosby sweaters and have a leaf fight. xoxo

  2. erichason says:

    I want to trade my stoop for a porch.

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