WHAT DO WE THINK!? (excerpts from some old 2004 piece of writing suzy and alex worked on but i don’t think ever published)

((((s- i just stumbled amidst my old word.doc areas and found this 3 pager that you and i wrote back and forth just post bush won in 04.  funny, nearly 5 years later, oh how things have changed – well a tiny bit, but. well. ))))  ((((i’m not pasting the entire thing, just the good and short and sweet parts.  so it might seem pretty discombobulated as a structure.))))))


President BOOOSH and his pals got the election, perhaps not fairly, but we’ll never know and so evil looms again; a 2nd term for republicans. We miss when we didn’t know or care to know what any of this all meant. 

And there is a small side that says its ALL FUCKED, ALWAYS WAS (how did the slaves feel about their reality?). Corporate and government ties, money. oil corruption, halliburton, religious right winged puritans.  Conspiracy since forever.  The RICH V THE POOR, tonight at 8pm and so on. 

Then again, there is a world that can, almost easily, exist. We just forget it’s possible. 

 Just overcome that barrier that an abundance of choices creates, leaving us feeling so un-free:  (Here, is a great computer, where you can create anything, but it is the not the best technology we have, it’s just enough to keep you busy. here, is a cell phone. talk all day about where you are going all night. but don’t talk of anything serious. just plans to stay too busy to DO anything. here, is a carmel latte. it’s sinfully good, it will slowly kill you, & it’s way overpriced.  here, is a college education. which everyone says you need. but no one knows if it will get you anywhere, produced by the some of the same people who love the American “way” and make fine money off it.  Actually, college helpfully distracts millions of twentysomethings with no direction, who might do something extreme if not occupied.)

We have it sometimes bad (more scary then anything), and yet some have it horribly, awfully, worse than this.  

So we try to remain happy with what we have. Travel within this beautiful country and most of this world (with expensive skies!).  Manage our daily lives as we please, meet and love anyone we want (well sorta).

We can each live a good life.  One with beliefs. Yes, it is a complicated system, but we have a place in it and can make our own decision to do good or bad every moment of every day.  Make love or make shit.  We have instincts like every other creature alive.  Do what you’d like to do and have whatever you want to have without hurting anyone on the way to it.  It isn’t hard.  

While “they” do their thing with money and power and connections with the other powerful kids on the playground, we do our thing of love and life and learning and enjoying that fact that the government doesn’t live in this wonderful reality of REAL life anyway. 

Turn everything off and sit in the sunshine for a while, each day is a new change at eternity. 

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One Response to WHAT DO WE THINK!? (excerpts from some old 2004 piece of writing suzy and alex worked on but i don’t think ever published)

  1. Old writing is great, such a time capsule. Sometimes I read old things I never finished and am surprised by how good they are…other times they induce much cringing.

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