moving in NY/extra andwelove hits/portland job scene/halloween fr:Alexander

hi suzy.  my first question is, how the hell does one move in new york city?  do you rent a car?  pay off a cabbie to let you take multiple trips?  borrow friends?  i guess ny-ers like you probably don’t have much “stuff” but i can’t imagine even lots of suitcases are any ease to move.    and you’re doing it as we speak eh.   i’m in “opposable thumbs”  a favorite cafe of mine tat i don’t frequent enough – it’s the cafe that has a poster of my great-great uncle the magician ALEXANDER (my namesake) up on the wall.  i tell them about it, but the don’t seem interested ever.  maybe i will give them a resume and write a note about that on it.  

speaking of.  i just completed making ANOTHER resume, this time one that reflects my experience in the LGBT community and other non profit volunteer and related things.  there is a position im interested within the organization i already volunteer with.   but like you said, would be funny if you quit your NY office life and i start up in portland non profit world.  would be great though.  then i can get you a job too sometime.  or soon we start our own organization.

otherwise, im surely peddling the street now.  i’ve exhausted nearly every portland health,nonprof,media,communications,etc companies for work.  of course i continue to check back as often as possible.  i’ve stalked health food store managers.  i’ve created endless types of resumes that made me look like i’ve spend the last decade doing about 4 or 5 different careers.  this is the job hunt.  and there ARE jobs, believe it.  just VERY MANY seekers, making it very competitive.  but i’m here, and i’m on it, and i’m not pist or discouraged, just trugging through it day after day.  and every day, there is only so much you can do, only so many resumes to send, and i go home and sip wine and read and tv and feel ok about my life.   

so that’s that for today. and its 4 on friday and i’m calling it quits soon.  or back into the GRE test studying.  and i don’t want to get in much detail about that. not now, not ever.  i’m taking the GRE’s and i am applying to a masters program at portland state.  thats all there is to know.  you’ll hear about it again next spring if indeed i get accepted and am still interested in the program.

SO, all those extra hits to our site, i conclude come from our website being the source of an image of a map of the US that if you google “map of the united states”, the second image to appear is sourced to a page of ours form about a year ago.  so be it.  what a way to get famous.  where’s our blog-book deal?  meh.

happy halloween weekend and shit.  somehow it’s in there with my new years “what does the true hipster” do on this holiday.  again, a great an excuse to get drunk, which i never need an excuse to do.  all the jokes about naked drunk girls are true.  rather, slutty dressed.   and it’s my first in portland and i have so few friends that my options for going out are close to none.  i could get into my cowboy gear and hit up a bar.  maybe a gay one.  or i could hand out candy to my neighbors and do a photo essay.  kids in costumes always a good sell.  then again, these days i might get pinned for the neighborhood pervert.  “can i grab a quick shot of your daughter there”.. huh huh huh.

the neighborhood pedophile who hands out tofu treats.  what a world.  

love love to all.

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