happyHAPPY (to Suzy, from Alex)

its already over in ny.  but its your birthday this evening still in oregon!  glad you are having an introspective birthday, really.  i wish i had written the last decade of birthday’s down so i could look and back and tell you when i did that, if ever.  

in the meantime, a reminder how much i love oct 7.  my best friends mom, who i’ve known 20 years.  my aunt in philadelphia.  and then of course SUZY AND MY GRANDMOTHER WHO ARE EXATLY 70 YEARS APART.  you say u were born at 2am.  i bet they didn’t really write that information down in 1911.  we’ll have to all be together for her 100th, your 30th, maybe?!

(and cause now i’m thinking about it: this last may i turned 27with jill and a party with mostly new friends in portland, or, last year i turned 26 with all la friends and a bf even sitting around a fancy la restaurant.  i was sang happy bday american idol style and the restaurant applauded lynden.  i turned 25…  i guess in la.  gee, see, i don’t even know anymore that far back. HA!)

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