just me and pumpkins out in oregon. FROM ALEXANDER (ps, WHERE THE HELL IS SUZY?)

hi hi suzy.  i miss you.  you were in oregon, i was in pennsylvania.  we’ve done a good job of visiting in “real time” this year.  but what the hell, where are your lovely letters to me?

anyway, as i’ve been saying i think, the fall feelings are so lovely and nostalgic or me here in OREGON.  wind, leaves, cool, change, pumpkins, squash, yellows, orange, getting dark early.  i LOVE IT… and i think it’s because all my years in CA never was there much of fall.. def not in LA and in SF, well this time of year is summer still!  so, i feel like a little kid, i feel like i did in philadelphia, on green street, the leaves falling, the winter coming.  

i went on a little me-trip out to sauvie island, oregon (where the gang of us went swimming the 100 degree day we all 6-ish crammed in my little car and they said leah was illegal.) … well on the way to that beach is a huge pumpkin patch and i went and wondered around and took some photos and explored the whole farm.  i wanted to kiss the heads of cabbage with all their beautiful foliage.  and the brussel sprouts turned me on too.  $20 got me a few decorative pumpkins, a whole shit ton of beautiful acorn, carnival, and butternut squash which i plan to live off of this winter (it’s going to be a very vegetarian/vegan next couple of months i can feel it).  i got some wonderful corn and radishes, pears, apples, cider…   all organic, all picked just moments or maybe days earlier for me.  YUM!

the gallery. 














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