rain/weather/fall/OH (A in Oregon)

WELL WELL WELL, suzy.  you were in my dreams last night, its blurry but it had to do with you and “boys”.  go figure.  

anyway, i always begin lately to hear a statement you made to me about a year ago about your friend in portland that you would never hear from all year until it was winter in portland and all of a sudden you would get depressed calls from him all the time.   

i kid you not, every single day has been absolutely beautiful since probably MAY… JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER.  and BAM, this week the temperatures dropped and today I was all set to bundle up and ride my bike to m volunteer thing… i got outside into the drizzle and thought, FUCK NO..   don’t know why it makes me so guilty, that i should really be taking my bike, when my other option is the bus anyway, that’s still good.  but i can’t forgive myself for getting lazy so quickly.  then again, its just the transformation right now and in the next few weeks i might get used to the new 60 degree highs and get back on the bike.    we’ll see.

my garden is amazing… so much kale.. i made kale walnut pesto and it was just so amazing.

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